Richard Armitage not a Tory, never will be

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~ by Servetus on June 30, 2016.

30 Responses to “Richard Armitage not a Tory, never will be”

  1. I’m so excited and alarmed. Incredible days! How could one go to bed, if all this spectacular, mind-boggling things are going on an on….??
    BTW – (Maybe a bit OT – but necessary nonetheless.) I love that man!!! It needs repeating! Where are all the decent places to kiss him good night?????

    • If you’re playing a rockstar wannabe you can probably risk dark circles under your eyes, lol. But I’m having a hard time going to bed myself (big things happening in US politics, too.)

      • Oh no!! LOL. Having a hard time in my job at the moment!! Being not only especially tired! Right, wherever one looks big things are happening.

  2. Wow! But I can sense his frustration with the Labour Party too.

    At this point, they should just get actors like Richard to act as the leaders while the parties bicker amongst themselves. Then when they sort it out, the actors will step aside. In the meantime we will get something lovely to look at and soothing to hear.

    Maybe he’s like you, Serv. He’s intrinsically a lefty but not too captivated by his party or any other party at the moment.

    • yeah, it popped up on my screen and I was like “what” and then I thought, yeah, this makes sense. The theatrical piece of this needs to be over ASAP so the UK can come with a plan, and as long as both parties are boiling over that isn’t going to happen.

      It’s hard to like Labour at the moment IMO and has been since Blair, really, for any intrinsic Lefty. But in the US case, I think I’m getting to the point where I just want want people to govern again. I want regular budgets, major policy bills on time (transportation, farm bills), concrete policy propositions that aren’t proposed or rejected on the basis of ideology, etc., etc. I sound like a Blairite. Blerg. But people’s lives hang on these things and I want decisions made even if I don’t approve of every single one of them. This Zika bill thing was the latest example. I ended up hating everyone involved.

      • I want moderates back in office. Nobody was happy with everything, but at least things got done. I used to think Reagan was to the extreme right, but compared to what we have now, he’s a pragmatic moderate who would be accused of being a flaming liberal by his own party.

        I wish they would start going into back rooms again and hammer out deals that got done. Show some statesmanship.

        • I know, right? That I would find myself thinking, well, maybe Reagan wasn’t so bad. And really, he was horrid. Horrid. Although possibly not worse than Thatcher. But he was horrid — he wasn’t crazy. He wasn’t fundamentally detached from reality (at least until the Alzheimer’s took over) — as opposed to every single GOP candidate this time around except John Kasich. People on the Left can say what they like about Hilary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders but she has a lot of experience and she knows what she’s doing and she remembers a period of government in which people hammered out bipartisan deals and got the votes together to pass them.

          Uch, I need to get this stuff out of my fandom life. My brain is in something like constant overdrive now.

          • It started going downhill in 1994 with Newt Gingrich and that “Contract With America”. That’s when the pols decide that compromise was a dirty word.

            I have mixed feelings about the congressional sit-in, but I sure see where their frustration is coming from.

            “All things in moderation”. It just makes sense…and it gets the wheels turning.

          • I actually spoke the words a few months ago to my sister “It makes you wish they were running a Bush, just in case Hilary doesn’t win”.

            • I really thought this year was going to be Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton. Not thrilled by political dynasties of any kind, though.

      • Lol laughing on Blair issue just watched his interview i had recorded and he had me nodding along from 2nd sentence. You could so hear how he got himself elected. In 5 min he managed to talk more sense about the negotiations ahead, with clear practical examples i might add, be conciliatory and talk about Labour positively like nobody else has. Scary and sad. My brain knows the other things he’s done but the skill…. if only current lot had a fraction of it.

        • Bill Clinton was like that too. He could talk the pants off anyone (and apparently did). Super accomplished politician.

          • Too bad they’re accomplished at lying too 😄 but the difference hits you when you watch today’s lot and suddenly they pop back up. There’s 2 in current labour i like but one is mayor and the other disappointed me by quitting late in the run. I think we actually have better women in politics at the moment which is not bad except most are on Tory side and/or Scottish.

          • The thing about Bill Clinton is that he’s so damn smart – maybe not with his trouser snake – but I think on lost days he knows more about the state of affairs in the world (no pun intended) than anyone else in the room.

            We need really smart people in office. Having a “C” GPA in school (I’m looking at YOU, Bush the Second) just doesn’t cut it anymore.

            • yeah, but smart alone doesn’t cut it (Jimmy Carter — good man, smart guy, ineffective president). Clinton was also really good at passing the buck on foreign policy when it was inexpedient for him on the domestic front (Rwanda).

            • Both Clintons are sooo smart. Remember what he said about getting two for the price of one when referring to her. Think of it, a former Secretary of State, married to a former President. That is one hell of a two for. My dream two for is George and Amal. Two smart, compassionate, liberal, activists. Don’t even TRY to tell me he’s just an actor. Been there, done that.

              • Sorry, not interested in any more actors governing the US even if I happen to agree with their opinions. Didn’t think Reagan was qualified, don’t think Clooney is either. I would take Amal but she’s excluded by the Constitution.

      • 😊

  3. Richard’s really coming into his own. Great to see. I can’t keep up, because he doesn’t begin tweeting until after I’ve gone to sleep.
    I never suspected him to be a Tory, anyway. I wonder if he answers a question on the matter that perhaps was sent to him directly.
    I sympathise with his call for proper political leadership, this English soap opera has gone on long enough IMO.

    • He’s currently at sixes and sevens with my schedule as well. This is one of the things that annoyed me about the deleting — it made me feeling like I wasn’t allowed to go to bed for fear of missing something.

      re: soap opera — I really agree. When I read Gove’s comments this morning about why he “had to run” I was like, you did save us from weeks of Boris Johnson stunts, but you also want your own moment in the sun.

  4. He’s following a lot of libdems

  5. I think he is coming out as a lib dem. Shame. I guess nobody’s perfect 😉

    • he strikes me more as Labour but what do I know. maybe he’s following LibDems because they are currently the only party thinking about holding a second referendum.

      • I’d love to think that was true but he actually liked the lib dem party now. I’m stunned he is being so political. I’ve always had the impression he wouldn’t say anything to put anyone off him. I wonder if he’s mixing with some more political people in his new job or something.

        • He’s followed Corbyn and before that he followed Ed Miliband, so you can’t deduce anything absolutely from follows, only interest.

        • The line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” comes to mind. I think he’s rightfully fed up with the level of sheer stupidity. I’m really loving his posts, too. I was really bored with the predictably steady stream of contractually obligated promotional posts. Men with thoughtful opinions are so much more interesting.

          • or with emotional energy 🙂

            • Agreed! Emotional energy is good, too. There is an actor named Anson Mount (who stars in Hell on Wheels), and he wades right in to political debates with his fans. He writes quite articulate posts and arguments. I really enjoy it.

              • he’s come up before here — Sara Alize Cross is a big fan of his and really admires his attitude toward fans.

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