That IS a shocker

Starting to feel like we’re living through the Suez Crisis. ETA: it just occurs to me that I think Gove is the only specific politician I’ve ever heard Armitage say anything negative about (in the Crucible conversation).Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 11.21.03 AM Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 11.23.26 AM

~ by Servetus on June 30, 2016.

17 Responses to “That IS a shocker”

  1. Absurd theater!


    • After I read Gove’s wife email yesterday, I figured there were going to be problems but this surprises me quite a bit.


      • No surprise here actually as rumours of backstabbing among them had been rife. There was a nearly suspect increase of articles against Boris, all justified i might add. And yes, Gove is the one with the education reforms 😦 This current bunch is making Cameron look better, which tells you how much of a disaster it is.. sigh. The opposition also neck deep in it… Nothing positive at all coming up these days.


      • Sarah Vine as Lady Macbeth.


  2. What is the water cannon reference about?


    • As mayor, Johnson bought some broken water cannons from Germany to have in his arsenal against protestors, to the tune of 250 thousand GBP. They were used and needed all kinds of repairs, and the Tory government refused to give him a license to use them, as that’s not how British policing usually works (they try a conciliatory approach first before attacking protestors — socalled “consensus policing”). So now I guess they are sitting in a warehouse somewhere. The use of leverage is really interesting as a word. I wonder if he means the financial reference to borrowing stock to move markets.


      • They weren’t even used 🙂 As i was saying to Perry ->

        And he probably uses the word in terms of leverage=power to negotiate strongly, in this case lack thereof considering what Boris came back with after doing deals with Germany. If the whole thing were less bad this would be really funny 🙂


        • the reason the financial reference is interesting is because of the current shock to the English economy. To me, he seemed to be implying the English government won’t even have enough money to be able to buy used equipment from Germany on credit.


    • I should say “mayor of London” rather than “mayor,” I suppose.


  3. I honestly don’t believe that Johnson wants to leave the EU and the Tories must know this. He joined the Brexit camp purely for his own political gain and it backfired massively on him. He thought he would win a leadership contest and become PM after a narrow win by the remain camp. Serves him right if others have removed their backing from him – he would have been disastrous as PM. As for Gove, he has previously said he was “constitutionally incapable of [Conservative Leadership]”. I wonder what he thinks has changed to now make him capable. As someone who works in education I can say with confidence that he is hated as an ex-Secretary of State for Education – a potted history of his record in that office reads like a catalogue of woe. The consensus seems to be that Teresa May will privatise everything and there is an allegation that Stephen Crabb’s “Christian” beliefs are such that he thinks homosexuality can be cured – I believe he has since denied this. Liam Fox left his former office as Secretary of State for Defence in 2011 following allegations involving his best friend – a businessman and lobbyist in the defence industry. Then there’s Andrea Leadsom who’s also not exactly unblemished by accusations of unfair dealings although not to the same degree as some others. Which ever way you look at this it’s just a big old mess that may never be properly sorted out. If I had to pick someone right now it would be May, purely because she backed the remain campaign and does not support us backing out of the European Convention on Human Rights.


    • I never know whether BJ is as stupid as he looks — I am thinking it will be May, too, but I wonder if she will be able to keep her promise not to hold elections until 2020 (really?). One thing it seems clear that the British electorate do not want (if this vote is an indication) is more austerity.


      • Johnson is most definitely not as stupid as he looks. Admittedly he’s done some stupid things but up until very recently he was largely seen as this loveable buffoon. The media loved him for it, giving him lots of airtime on TV panel shows and the like; but, you only have to listen to some of the rousing clever speeches he gave when we hosted the Olympics to realise that he is nobody’s fool. I don’t know enough about his time as Mayor of London to really comment on that but I know he was hated by many for controversial planning decisions benefitting overseas investors and various other things that also suggest he is far from stupid. If the referendum had gone the other way he’d have everything he wanted – what a huge error of judgement. And no, no one wants more austerity.

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      • Boris is clever but unprincipled. He only plays the buffoon. His guiding light is ambition. I’ve seen speculation that Gove has some dirt on him, but I don’t suppose we will hear the truth about why he has decided not to stand.


        • which suggests that the appropriate Shakespeare reference here is Henry VIII: “Cromwell, I charge thee, fling away ambition. By that sin fell the angels”


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