Now this, on the other hand? Love to wake up to this!


~ by Servetus on July 1, 2016.

19 Responses to “Now this, on the other hand? Love to wake up to this!”

  1. That guy must be pretty tall, or it is the illusion of being closer to the camera.

  2. He looks wonderful! He’s looking unfairly hot lately!

  3. And his eyes are dark in this picture, picking up the lack of light in this room. Mmmmm.

  4. love this picture of Mr. Richard Armitage, and I see that he is putting on a little weight which is great ( he looks a little bit healthier in this picture) because the last picture I seen he was skinny and I know it was for that movie. love his messy hair. ( this is just a thought)- I think if Mr. Richard Armitage just washed his hair and let it air dry and put no products in it, I think he would look so sexy, adorable. seen that Mr. Richard Armitage took this picture at a studio, I wonder if he is doing music for the movie, maybe a new book, or something else. can’t wait to find out. also this is a response to valsgal 1999 comment, I have feeling that Mr. Richard Armitage is bending his knees to make himself smaller/not tall and slouching just a little bit.

  5. And something like normal skin tone 🙂

  6. What is it that RA again appears rather smalish compared to another guy on this new picture???? Quite new perspectives!! Mmmmhhh… 😉

  7. Hot Hot Hot

  8. I had to swallow several times! How nice of this bloke to make R look almost dainty next to him 😄 eyes smile skin and omg the hair are pure gorgeousness! Im spite of all the rain here 😊i just want to stare and swoon

  9. I like the haircut. Somehow different. And I love the casual sunglasses in the shirt – totally for ulterior motives, of course.

  10. I’m hypothesizing now that he’s really normcore. He essentially has just five white v neck tees that he travels with. Cuts down on stress, luggage.

  11. drool I’m back in Salivation Army;)

  12. My 3 year old daughter just pointed to Richard and said “Daddy!”. Ha Ha, I wish!

  13. He looks so small and petite next to the other buy. Small and petite…there’s a couple of adjectives I never thought I’d describe Mr. Armitage with.

    • After the Crucible I decided he just changes size at will. He seemed so huge on stage and then almost slight at the stage door.

  14. At least he looks like he put on a few lbs from that picture standing in front of the theatre. He looked way too thin on that one. Sorry spelled theater like the British.

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