Praying for the people of Medina

And weeping.

~ by Servetus on July 4, 2016.

16 Responses to “Praying for the people of Medina”

  1. I don’t understand why these things happen. I don’t understand why one religion has to forcefully impose their way on another. My head tells me why but my heart does not understand. Why does one feel it necessary that everyone be the same. I don’t understand this concept. There seems to be no hope any of this will ever end.


    • And I wrote religion but I meant ‘everything’. Racism, way of life, just everything. Why a others threatened by things or people different from them. I just can’t fathom how anyone can do or justify these thoughts and especially actions.


  2. This was an interesting read. Apparently it’s some very old idea that IS is reviving. I think of Ramadan very differently from what I have observed of it.


  3. What horrendous times are these 😢 it’s unbelievable… nothing can justify these inhuman acts 😢😢😢


  4. Bientôt nous n’aurons plus assez de mouchoirs pour essuyer toutes nos larmes, si tous ces illuminés continuent à ce rythme leurs folies meurtrières. Dans quel monde vivons nous, et quel monde laisserons- nous à nos descendants? J’aimerai continuer à espérer, laissez- nous espérer un monde meilleur.

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  5. Why do we do these things to each other? 😥


  6. Sad but more evil has occurred in the name of religion through the centuries than is imaginable.


  7. This is just insane. It’s like bombing the Archbasilica during Christmas. I’m just so fucking tired and furious with the whole thing. There’s been a call for ISIS to come to my country, and I hope these fuckers drown here during La Nina or suffer some undignified death that doesn’t involve taking another human life.


  8. Hard to fathom that each day has brought yet more sorrow, more attacks. Praying for peace.


  9. Heartbreaking.


  10. C’est honteux, atroce, (il n’y a pas de mots….) de voir des horreurs pareilles durant le mois sacré du Ramadan. Les gens de l’Etat Islamique (IS) ne sont pas des musulmans. Ni des croyants. Ce sont des tueurs. Encore et toujours, des tueurs.


  11. An abonimable crime… So sad and no end in sight…

    To me this is (yet another) proof that these crimes respectively the “Islamist” terror attacks are not be based on Islam. No muslim would kill other muslims while they are praying and preparing for their most important “holy day” of the year just as no christian would kill other christians when they are about to celebrate Easter or Christmas. This is all about men wanting to gain power and money and using (brainwashing) others to reach their own personal objectives 😦 Religion is just a pretext.


    • And a certain level of anti-modernist protest. ISIS is on its way out, according to the forecasters, but it’s going to take about five years. Not sure how many more will die by then.


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