Richard Armitage’s voice in recent Audible ad

What book is this?


~ by Servetus on July 4, 2016.

18 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s voice in recent Audible ad”

  1. I suspect it’s just a bit of fluff to make a dramatic scene but if not, I’ll have it, please 😄

  2. It is appeared the dialogue for the ad was scripted.

  3. Too bad. I suspect he must have mixed feelings about reading this middlebrow stuff but it is so delightful to listen to.

  4. Too bad he doesn’t make voice acting as much as he could. I wonder why he doesn’t make voice over for the cartoons for example.

    • He is always ready to try new things. I bet if he were offered the right project he’d do it.

  5. Not sure. I think for those high profile cartoons it’s a prestige thing (like Pixar movies) and he might not be in that career category. For basic cartoons, series stuff, I imagine it doesn’t pay well enough or have the profile he wants. (guessing).

    • Perhaps after being in Alice, he could be on Disney’s radar.

      • yeah, but the question must be in that situation, will audiences come to the cartoon because of the name? Because if they don’t, then you can get someone to do it for a lot less.

  6. What a shame it was just scripted bits i got so excited 😟 but he’s probably not in the mood for fluff, more like a drink 😄 wish I’d had his choice of beers yesterday we went for French cider and meh…

    • Heyer is SO fluffy. LOL. But such a pleasure to listen to. Somehow he manages to bring a disarming affection for those works across.

      • I know he does the ladies justice! Love his women however weird that sounds i think he really connects with their intellect not just with emotions. Just reading your church post like it a lot but on wobbly bus into town so bad for replies will try to get back

      • I would love for Richard to narrate The Hobbit. Not at all fluffy, and we know he loves the book. Full-length, not abridged please.

    • Some organic or local French cider are really great, with pancakes =crêpes, apple pies and only hot or cold potatoes’ salad.

      • Mm sounds nice we picked a wrong one as i like my cider dry snd this was a bit flat. Sounds great in summer with potato salad, i heat i prefer it to beer actually

  7. Oh and happy 4th if July! Did you get a chance to barbecue? I know you’ve been really busy but i miss one of your creative receipes 😉

    • Thanks! We are not barbequing today, but I believe Obscura and Obscurus are. Her father, too, is apparently the barbecue king.

  8. I have 3 of the romance novels he did of Georgette Heyer and I just love hearing him read those. Wish he would do more period pieces. He does the hero so well. The voice usually sends shivers up and down the spine.

  9. Thinking about doing one of the Robin Hoods. Seems as though Sheriff Got Your Tongue, or Parenthood would include the most Gisborne. Anyone have any thoughts?

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