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Perry basically speaks from my heart. I admit that I haven’t yet seen the possibility she describes here, but in the past anyway it would have been inevitable, i.e., if Armitage doesn’t tweet for a day or two now, that some people would make it the “fault” of fans who disagreed with him. I’m never going to get the fourth wall back, sadly, but Perry’s remarks echo things I’ve been saying for a year and half now. See what you think. Comments there.

ETA: there is a really simple argument potentially available here. Armitage’s stated intent in joining Twitter was to curb “vicious competition” between fans and remind people that fandom was supposed to be fun. His tweets arguably magnify fan competition and spur arguments and fan policing. If his action has the opposite effect of what he intended, then it would make sense for him to change the action. He could certainly tweet without participating in the fandom. I wish he would.

~ by Servetus on July 6, 2016.

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