Richard Armitage’s latest proposal

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~ by Servetus on July 6, 2016.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s latest proposal”

  1. A hypothetical impossibility…did he mean hypothetical possibility? My daughter is quite miffed right now as she has been working on getting her UK citizenship for a couple years with a couple more to go. But, her boyfriend will not be affected as he is N. Irish born and can therefore also use an Irish passport. Apparently.


    • I suppose “hypothetically possible” and “hypothetically impossible” mean the same thing here. My understanding is those born in NI have access to ROI citizenship by the terms of various twentieth century agreements. There have been news reports that there have been so many requests for Irish passports in the last week that the offices have run out of the forms.


  2. In case anyone’s wondering, I think this is a completely unworkable and discriminatory idea. But in any case 🙂


    • I agree as it seems likely it would be mostly for the elite who will be fine under any arrangement. I also think it would be a giant step in the wrong direction for unifying a very fractured country. But I nevertheless understand Richard’s sentiment.


      • Structurally speaking — it implies that citizenship is a menu item that we can purchase as we need / desire rather than a responsibility shared by all. A typical sort of neo-liberal move, IMO. The wealthy can have infinite possibility while the poor stay home. However, I’m sure he’s just wishing he could stay a EU citizen as opposed to thinking about how citizenship works as a conceptual idea.


      • Someone should tweet at him that he can become a citizen of Malta for a few million Euros and a year spent there. However, he might then eventually lose his right to work in the UK.


      • I agree. Is he saying that if people don’t like the results of a legal/legitimate election, they can decide not to abide by the majority’s decision and opt out? In that case, could London become some kind of an independent city- state within GB, since the majority voted against Brexit? Fractured would be putting it mildly.


        • extrapolating from this article (which is about how anyone loses their EU citizenship, e.g., is it automatically gone once the UK leaves or would the EU have to take some additional step, in which case, I suppose, the EU could opt to allow some people to retain EU citizenship) I assume he meant that individuals who are currently citizens of both could be allowed to opt in or out (with a financial contribution). Some people have propose the idea of letting London secede from the UK, but that doesn’t seem to be under discussion here. I can’t imagine that happening — London is the economic motor of Britain these days.


  3. Our Boy is so PASSIONATE about this. I like it!


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