Running out of titles for these posts

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~ by Servetus on July 6, 2016.

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  1. lol


    • Well, it was a better title than “I think this is a super uninformed comment but this is a fan blog and he might delete it and I don’t want the grief because I didn’t say Oh Richard you’re so smart”. I think, anyway.

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  2. This vote epitomizes the uselessness of the Labour Party at the moment, doesn’t it? I read that Burnham is gunning for Manchester mayor so that is why he didn’t turn on Corbyn. But if this is his quality than maybe good thing he’s not throwing in his hat for Labour leader – not like there are many candidates!

    But in turn I don’t get what trump card May is preserving by refusing to guarantee status of EU nationals. My understanding is that young EU nationals come work in Britain and old Britons go sun themselves in Spain. Why would other countries want to keep old Britons?


    • yeah, pretty much (I said in comments on my post of his earlier tweets today that this vote looks like a cry of desperation from the Tory perspective).

      I wonder why the UK wants its old Britons back, myself. Their pensions go further in Spain and if they come back they will be a significant additional load on the NHS and old age nursing system, one guesses (even if some of their health ins money also comes back).

      But re: May, I assume it’s something to do with a vague notion of job creation. If you guess that 7% of UK workers are EU nationals, and you sent them all home, that would potentially solve some of your employment problem, assuming wages could be kept high enough to keep people off of benefits. It’s just that you gotta think it won’t work that way. The people in well-paying jobs will have mechanisms to keep themselves in the UK (employers arguing for them, sufficient income to meet boundaries for being allowed to stay), so it will be service workers who go home. I’m guessing Brits aren’t especially eager to take those jobs anyway, if the UK is like the US. There’s probably someone in her government arguing that the labor oversupply from the EU holds UK wages down in that sector of the job market. It would be interesting to know if that’s true (it’s an argument often made in the US as well).


    • I also think the government abstaining from the motion is them saying they’re going to negotiate the Brexit themselves w/o assistance from others. Which makes the whole Labour subplot of this not much worth observing, potentially, unless for some reason there would be new elections or the net result of this is a surge in UKIP in polls that forces the Tories to move right to keep themselves from being flanked (which was contributing cause of this mess in the first place). I think a vote of no confidence is extremely unlikely at this point.


      • I know we have disagreed about this before but I think they have to have a general election before triggering Article 50. They got half the country pissed at them including the people who are making the money (i.e. Londoners). Plus if it turns out that nothing changes with respect to immigration, you’ll get UKIP-ers who’ll want a general election. There needs to be a conciliatory gesture to those who didn’t want Brexit.
        It seems to me we’re seeing some political posturing from Tories given their leadership race. As I said above, I don’t see the EU national debate as convincing to European politician. But it plays well to the home-base as you noted in terms of immediate job creation.
        If Labour was strong they might be able to trigger the vote of no-confidence or at least hold May’s feet to the fire if she tries to ram through austerity measures (which she will).
        I’ve heard it said that there is no political party speaking up for the Remain voters – they need a voice at the negotiation table. A broader voice then May’s!
        Whether they hold a general election or not may depend on who wins the Tory leadership contest. You may get the necessary numbers for a vote of non-confidence if Leadsom wins. The babies will be happy 😊


        • The BBC commentary I read today seems to suggest there is no more Remain, only hard Brexit vs soft Brexit. I admit that I was charmed by the comparison to the debates over the repeal of the Corn Laws.

          re: general elections, the legal advice the government took told them they are not required to hold another general election (I forget where I read this).


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