Posting this because I haven’t seen it in a while #richardarmitage

Been thinking about this pic off and on the last few days. Aaaaw.

Richard Armitage, tweeted himself, June 2015.

Richard Armitage, tweeted himself, June 2015.

~ by Servetus on July 7, 2016.

19 Responses to “Posting this because I haven’t seen it in a while #richardarmitage”

  1. I really like this picture of him,


    • Just slightly quirky. If he were a planet, he would definitely have rings.

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      • Most definitely. When I was scrolling through your posts, it looked like your other one was titled “I’m running out of titties for these”… shows where my mind is at.


        • You should read the comment I made on that one in the comments, lol. In principle, though, I’ve got a ton of stamina for this topic — probably at least as much as Richard Armitage. I think that kind of puts me in a minority, though. I love politics. LOVE politics.


          • I love politics, but I don’t debate well. I get hot under the collar very easily. Suitor has been ill and despite that, we were having a rather energetic discussion about the things we disagree on (okay in truth we were discussing fantasies and his fantasy is that I would ‘see the light and become a Democrat’ and that set off the very energetic discussion.

            Either or, I asked him later how he was feeling and his response was he was nursing his bruises. Apparently he didn’t realize how painful slung tea bags were.

            He’s lucky I love him. Anyone else I would have taken off at the knees.


            • I think it’s very hard to have productive political conversations with people one doesn’t know well. (Obviously there are other dangers in discussing politics with family and close friends, but I prefer those, I think.) One says so many things that one can’t gauge the effect of — it’s just way too easy to inadvertently insult someone, and that danger is magnified extremely when it’s strangers talking.

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              • I’m the other way. I find it easier to discuss politics with complete strangers. I’m not so worried about offending people as I am about them misinterpreting what I said, or worse, twisting it. As a result, I’m disgustingly blunt. My immediate family leans the same way I do, so discussions around the table aren’t painful. The large extended family is the opposite. Half lean one way and half lean the other. We don’t talk about it. Much.

                I have a cousin who is faaaaaaaaaaaaar left and when Obamacare was being bandied about, she was posting on how we HAD to support this bill, that we HAD to pass it, that it was unAmerican to not pass it…. and she went on and on like a bad case of the runs.

                My mom is standing behind me, being rude and reading over my shoulder. When I put my hands on my keyboard, you could hear her all the way through the house – don’t you dare! Do not! Don’t do it! Leave it be!

                I did. I simply told her, no I don’t and this is why…. and I very nicely listed off why I would not and could not support the bill.

                She didn’t lambaste me or block me and she’s been still wonderfully friendly at family functions. Several of her friends did the thumbs up thing and her brother ( who leans waaaaaaaay right) high-fived me. I think one of her friends went off on me and I reminded her that this was someone who I love page, therefore I would be kind and just smile. Nastily.

                It’s sad that sometimes nastiness weighs in and a political discussion turns into a mud-slinging contest. I’ve stated elsewhere that when Suitor and I have discussed our country’s problems, we agree on the problem. We just have different ways we would solve or fix the problem. Our country was built on compromise and at this time we are so far polarized, the table in the middle is nonexistent. And no one wants to bring coffee and donuts and have a seat and a friendly chat.

                And if anyone is like me, my ‘friendly chat’ might last 3 minutes, depending on my mood and day. 😀

                With my friends, I don’t really discuss, especially my friends who have different leanings than I do. I’d rather concentrate on the things we have in common, such as appreciating Richard’s front and rear view, which is a much more stimulating subject!


  2. Every time I see this picture I think of that old black and white TV show “My Favourite Martian”, and what a quirky imaginative guy RA must be to hang out with. He gives me the impression of having a gentle spur of the moment sense of fun (when he’s not busy brooding about something or concentrating on his acting).


  3. from this picture I kind of get a very creepy peeping tom that got caught looking but doesn’t care that he got caught and another image I get is a flasher (for the people who don’t understand what a flasher is), it is a man wearing a long overcoat and has nothing underneath and has the look that Mr. Richard Armitage has and opens his coat and flashes people.


  4. When that pic first emerged my thought was: Please don’t burn your ears!!!
    Nowadays it remembers me of the look of my dog when he thinks he’d done something really great and wants a praise and a cuddle 🙂


  5. This photo still makes me smile. Just imagine to be out and about town with him (swoon).
    Does anyone know where this is in NYC?


    • Somebody figured it out at the time because I remember looking at the menu of the place, but I’ve forgotten it in the meantime. It was a place that had mostly drinks and snacks as I recall.


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