Richard Armitage dishes

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~ by Servetus on July 9, 2016.

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  1. Gutted.

    • Yeah! Actually need to bemoan it a bit….

    • This is really horrible for the Australian fans in particular.

      • When the tweet first popped up this morning I was so disappointed. Even though the unfollowing yesterday gave us a big hint, I was still holding onto the hope that we would get to enjoy RA in MLC – so yes…gutted. Then I gave myself a big talking to because with all the bad news over the last couple of weeks, what right have I to be sad about RA pulling out of a role that had never actually been confirmed? Perhaps that’s why the arts and artists ( and blogs like this that celebrate them) are so important – because sometimes we need something to take us away from real life.

        • Obviously it’s contextual, but I think it’s okay to be sad out loud that this won’t come to pass. It’s not the same kind of sad as sadness about violence (e.g.), but it is also real. I wouldn’t proclaim it in the face of a shooting victim’s family, but I think should be okay to share our sadness with each other. Hugs.

        • I hear you Bolly, and I agree, but I can’t help feeling gutted. Need to plan that session in the ‘selfish’ corner with cushions and goodies sometime very soon!

          • Lol! We do Mulubinba.. We do!

            Hugs back at you Servetus.

            • I’m ready for the selfish corner too. I’ll bring chocolate.
              For all the self talk I’ve had today that it’s “just” a movie, I feel as upset about it tonight as I did when I read his confirmation tweets this morning. A tiny part of me is hoping for such a long delay in filming that RA can get back to it after LLL, but I know that’s only prolonging the agony! 😉
              I don’t suppose Digital Theatre would come to the party with LLL, or failing that, Hariclea’s idea of a consolation music video.
              hugs from me too.

              • I had that thought as well — maybe it will really fall apart and he can be in it later.

                re — seeing LLL from afar, Perry would like you to be aware of this:

                • Thanks for the link Serv and Perry, I had seen that post but totally forgotten about it. A while back I watched Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus courtesy of National Theatre Live and it was excellent. Fingers crossed for LLL! 🙂

                  • It would be great for a lot of reasons, I think — I think this particular play is a poor candidate insofar as it won’t have a chance to win a Tony Award before it closes (insofar as we know now — it it were extended, it would have a better chance) and it is not one of Bartlett’s better known plays (although he seems to be a very hot playwright at the moment) and it’s not one of those things that is likely to sell well to the viewer who doesn’t know what it is. But we’ll hope for a fantastic performance, an extension of the play, and a stream. At least the extension is not soooo unusual for this theater.

                    • Sorry, I don’t know how the Tony’s qualifications work, was wondering why LLL won’t have a chance to win?

  2. I wonder what he passed up for MLC that he may regret now. Such a shame all that time ended up to be a waste for him. He’s probably a really good guitar player now though, too bad we won’t get to hear it.

    • hard to say. I’m hoping that being able to spend time in England made up some of the hassle for him.

  3. Uf i know it was coming with some delays … don’t think i looked forward to something quite like this for a while. Don’t get me wrong i enjoy the serious stuff but for once the thought of him in something light hearted and fun really energised me. For this one time i would have almost preferred this to something else…. mostly because i fear something like this especially with him being musical in some way will never come along again. Esp watching AUJ on telly tonight and with him being such a strong presence these days i feel pretty crushed… sigh why couldn’t it be anything else than the rockstar fantasy… and since it is being delayed why can’t it be delayed a couple more months… sorry. Feeling like a moany brat… i know, bigger picture and all but it was such a dream come true fantasy. 😢😢😢

    • He also seemed to be enjoying it — at least what he let us see of his preparations.

      • I think so too.. what a shame it couldn’t be moved… oh, in an ideal world i wish we could ask him to record himself playing somethig for like 3 min…. or somebody record him… there’s youtubes of anything.. can we pretty please have one of Richard playing guitar? I need this particular fantasy 😊 in my life

  4. I was looking forward to a light-hearted project with some fun and smiles. That would be a great change. So where is everyone’s speculation on what he is doing instead? Does play prep enter into his decision? I have no idea how long it takes to rehearse, but I bet you do, Serv. Do you remember how long it took him to get ready for TC?

    • Consulting to answer this, Urban wrapped on May 2 2014; I think Armitage had left a day or two earlier iirc. There was a casting announcement for The Crucible on April 14 2014; we saw the first picture of him in character on May 30, 2014, and the play opened June 21. So I am going to say they were rehearsing about five or six weeks for the Crucible? However, that play was much more complex than this one — many more characters, scene changes, and an hour longer. I would have said they needed at least a month to rehearse LLL, but I don’t know how long the shoot for MLC was going to be. If you assume a three week shoot, it might still be doable if they were shooting already, but it sounds a bit like they aren’t.

  5. What???? Oh no!!!! I am gerting all my news delayed due to holidays, and this is actually a bit of a downer. A comedy would have been great… at least he was thoughtful enough to announce his resignation from his “project”. Still sad, though. MLC sounded fun…

    • Yes, it was nice of him. (Leaving out how I feel about role teases, I know most ans love them, and he did tease this role).

  6. Can’t begin to express how very disappointed I am to find this tonight when I finally had time to check my email. I just shouted WHAT ????” at my screen! As others have said, just “gutted”. I so wanted to see Richard in something completely different and not only that but playing an instrument too. I know there are many sad things going on in this world right now but I think this would have lifted our hearts – even for a little while. Adding my (((hugs))) to the others. I think we all need a few! 😦

  7. So, he choses the play. There should be a contract signed for the play if he talks about the “obligation”. I hope he is happy with his choices. It seems he is disappointed he had to quit the movie. I just wonder why he unfollowed not only the movie account on Twitter but the director’s too. Maybe the cause is not only the filming delay ..

    • Who knows. He’s been uniformly positive about the directors he’s worked with in his open statements, but he must have opinions.

  8. When does LLL open? Do we still not know if he is in it? Hasn’t MLC already been going some time? Do they just get someone else to step in for the stuff already filmed of RA?

    • They only started rehearsing a few weeks ago, and he has had an awful lot of time to pay attention to politics, so it doesn’t seem like they were filming yet or that he was working very hard. I get the impression there is something bad happening to the overall project.

      • something like the 22nd no?

        And I agree, as angry as he has been about the situation in the UK I’d hypothesize that if he were fully involved in work he would have spent less time talking about it.

        • Yes, that’s it. No doubt he would have still been angry even if he were busy, but we would not have heard so much from him or had him forwarding links to articles. He seems to go all in when he gets involved in a project, and that never seemed to happen this time.

  9. When I turned on my phone, twitter message was the first to pop up and was so sad to learn this. I was really looking forward to see him in a comedy. Now I just hope other movies will finally come to theaters to have something to be joyful, for there should be a miracle to see him in LLL if he is in it. heavy sigh

    • I think you’re not alone — for a lot of people MLC was the sort of balance to LLL — if they couldn’t see LLL, well, at least we have the prospect of a movie that would be well distributed (if indeed the Weinsteins were involved). It is frustrating.

  10. Lots of disappointment from this corner too. But, just because it seemed like a fun idea doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a good script. Perhaps when and if the film comes out, we shall be glad that he passed on it and that he was obliged to move on to LLL, if that’s what he’s talking about. Richard Coyle joined the MLC cast just over a day ago and I wondered if he were a substitute for RA rather than joining him in it. I think that, given a choice and knowing his passion for stage work and how good the play appears to be, it was a no brainer for him when push came to shove. The role should really stretch him.

    But, has anyone noticed that he has just started following Bernard Hare? This could mean that Bernard is about to produce his promised follow-up to UATSC and RA wants to give him a bit of support or it could mean that the film has found a distributor. Now that would cheer people up!

    • I’m not sure how closely you pay attention to who leaves these comments, but the people who are the most upset seem to be the Australians and eastern Europeans, who are likely to be shut out of distribution of any smaller films. The attraction of MLC was in part (beyond the subject matter) that there were signs that it would be widely distributed. Films the Weinsteins are involved with are usually available in theaters internationally. Given the lack of interest in UATSC so far, I find it unlikely that it will ever go into international distribution. I think we have to acknowledge that those of us in the northern hemisphere are at an advantage and that this issues hit people in other segments of the media market quite differently.

      • Yes, I had noticed that and I feel sorry for them, especially since it was so easy for me to see The Crucible (twice) and UATSC in Leeds. But, I was pleased when we first had news that RA was possibly going to be in LLL because it gives the Americans a chance to see him on stage – looking forward to reading some very vivid commentaries from fans. And there’s always a decent possibility from what I’ve been reading that Broadway HD will film the play. Hopefully, everyone will get a crack of the whip in the end, just as the Australians got to see his wonderful Popcorn Taxi interview.

        • yeah, that was great for them, but they are still on the short end of the stick.

          • But, if you live in the Antipodes and follow an actor from the UK who lives in NYC and doesn’t make many international films (doubtless not of his choosing) there’s sadly not much that can be done about it. But, the director of LLL, Michael Mayer, is also a film director and has just directed The Seagull with Saoirse Ronan. So, perhaps the play is a good choice for future contacts and projects.

            • No, there’s nothing that can be done about it. And yes, if you live in a place the world considers “out of the way,” you probably learn to deal. But IMO it’s cruel to tell people they should buck up and be happy about what they have when they’ve had a blow. To get back to our earlier discussion, I recognize this as a typical UK cultural behavior when I see it. And it doesn’t break the comment policy. But I don’t care for it, either. So there, I’ve said it.

              • That’s twice you’ve said you recognise typical cultural behaviour in me as if it were a fatal flaw, LOL. I’m not being ‘cruel’ – what a funny adjective to use when all I’ve done is try to be upbeat on everyone’s behalf, including my own. Like the majority, I shan’t be seeing the play (just pleased for those who do) and I’m as disappointed as anyone when we don’t see him in movies that have been filmed but don’t come out: I am really gutted that we shan’t be seeing Richard the rock star. I’m just trying to point out for everyone that the play might be filmed, that we shall have a lot of fantastic reviews from people who get to see it (thank you in advance) and that he might make some good contacts which, with any luck , WILL lead to productions that we shall all see. I don’t think that trying to see the positive in order to cheer people up is a particularly British trait either. Many of us are very gloomy (it’s the weather) and that includes me; and so I am trying hard here to find aspects that we might be excited about, including those in Australia, in a year’s time.

                • You have seemed to want to get into this for several days, so let’s go for it. I recognize this as a typical UK cultural behavior because I have been exposed to it many times but as I said before, I don’t think that the problem is really culture here. I think the problem from my perspective is either that (a) you genuinely don’t know how you come off on screen or (b) you know and you don’t care or (c) you really seek to annoy people / me. I read your comments and I move between these explanations on different days.

                  Did anyone in this comment change ask anyone, including you, to cheer them up? Do you think that the other superfans of our acquaintance are completely unaware of the things you’re citing or haven’t considered them as they react to bad news? I’m not attributing my feelings or the way I experience them to others, but when I am genuinely sad about something, I typically want someone to acknowledge my feelings without trying to alter or influence them. When someone tells me they are sad — and that they are reminding themselves not to be “selfish” for wanting a different outcome — trying to tell them they should just cheer up is never the strategy I would use.

                  re: whether it’s British or not to think positive, it’s definitely British to say “buck up, don’t let the side down, where’s your blitz spirit.” It may not be inherently British to encourage positive thinking but the way that people from the UK do it is pretty distinctive and clearly recognizable. In my book, it’s pretty much telling people how they should feel. I didn’t appreciate it in the workplace and I don’t like it here, either.

                  • Rather than a), b) or c), instead I keep saying things that I hope will not be provocative to you and which will contribute to the conversation and am then surprised when they offend. I don’t think it’s the way I come across on screen but rather the way you seem to be expecting certain things from me and then read into my comments aspects that aren’t there. I’ve already said twice that I’m upset by RA not being in this film. Doesn’t that show that I feel and share the pain of others who have responded in the same way? But, aren’t I entitled to say on behalf of the people who want to be consoled that there might be an upside too? And, by mentioning an upside, perhaps I am hoping for some reciprocal consolation myself if some other posters respond and say, yes, perhaps I’m right and, not only that, but also…… There might be an interesting conversation here in the making if you don’t get too ratty with me.

                    • That’s verging on ad hominem, and if I hadn’t known you for so long, I’d put you on moderation right now. Calling my potential behavior “ratty” has the tendency to make me at least feel more provoked than usual.

                      As I said, nothing you have said violates the comment policy. When I make a rule for myself, I try to follow it as best I can. I just don’t care for what you say. I hope that’s clear.

  11. I was so looking forward to this movie. It seems he’s working but nothing is getting to us.

    • yeah — with the best prospect being Berlin Station, being hard to get hold of for many, it’s annoying.

  12. I’m equally disappointed, don’t get me wrong. I wanted to see Richard play a guitar and sing with that amazing voice, and give it a go in something more lighthearted just as much as the rest of you.
    This may seem too clever, but I’ve had this odd feeling about this project for some time. No confirmation and Toby Stephens dropped out because the project clashed with his holidays…?, and no tweets from the MidLifeCrisis twitter account since 22 June. It just felt unproductive in some way.
    How many projects have had similar destinies in his ‘previous’ career, I wonder? ‘Previous’ meaning before Robin Hood, Spooks etc.

    • I’ve been thinking that a lot, actually. What he’s experiencing right now is probably more the standard for his career than the exception — what’s different is that now we know about it. I have mixed feelings about that. He probably got sick of hearing from fans that they were worried about why he didn’t produce much in 2013, but I don’t know that this is really better. I don’t especially enjoy being on this particular rollercoaster. But I know lots of fans love this.

      • It’s the name of the game. I can’t say I envy Richard this particular elevator ride.

        • No. I hope it’s easier to tolerate now that he has the Hobbit income behind him, but I can’t imagine that changes the frustration level at all.

      • I would love to see all the projects Richard has waiting, to make it to release. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion, but I think it’s unfair of fans to complain to him, or worrying about his lack of productivity for those projects not making it to distribution yet. I would imagine that none of us are more annoyed by it than he is himself. He probably doesn’t finish a project without expecting release, or start projects to be forced to leave them. I think he is much too disciplined and conscientious to take that lightly. I too, am unbelievably disappointed not to see him in a role where we could see, and hear him in a new light. Hopefully, we will have that opportunity in the future. I’m also very sad for those in regions who are often left out, that this Weinstein venture fell through. I am thrilled at the opportunity to see him live, and meet him though. That is a dream that I thought I was only wishing for (so there better be tickets available once that announcement comes, because we can’t all afford to take that leap). I don’t say that to gloat, anymore than those who were able to attend The Crucible. I am thrilled for any of you who saw that performance. The Digital Theatre was mesmerizing, and gut-wrenching. What must the live experience have been? Film distribution is no more in his control than ours. The man has always worked like a fiend. I don’t really know what more he could do, other than make choices geared to financial success rather than personal fulfilment. I think that would kill him inside. I don’t want to see him burn out. I’m not aiming this at anyone in particular, just venting.

        • Ok, that was more emotional than I thought, now I’m tearing up reading it. 😓 Ugh. Also, just wanted to say, not “protecting” him, just what I’m feeling.

        • I think part of what makes this complex is that there are things he simply shouldn’t say, and so a lot of what fans end up saying is based on assumptions we make / conclusions we draw. So sometimes what fans end up saying is out of what we assume is sympathy to his position, for instance; we assume he’s upset about this and we want to commiserate. In this case, too, he teased this role as heavily as he ever has any role in the past, and that caused fans to get involved with it in a way that we wouldn’t have for a role that we found out about at the last second (even me, and one of my personal rules is to do my best not to get invested in his role choices — which is really difficult when I hate the role).

          re: not choosing projects that he doesn’t want to see complete, in principle I agree, but I also read him as someone who strongly dislikes being idle, so I can imagine that he has started things in situations where he didn’t know how they would end.

          re: what’s “fair” — on some level, I think Twitter complicates all of this a lot. It makes it look like he’s there to absorb fan vents about whatever is on their mind. I can’t imagine that people were writing him letters back in 2013 about their worries about his career but now they can just tell him. it’s not that Twitter makes him more liable to fan expression of sentiment but it certainly makes him look like he’s more open to it.

          • Yes. It seems as though this whole period has been highly charged by being in England, closer to friends and family, having fun being involved in MLC, tragedies here, and Brexit. It’s all been rolled into one huge snowball of emotions. For us as well as him. Just a frenzy of opinions. In the end, I’m glad that LLL is the priority. I suppose once he’s back here then conventions and shootings will come to the forefront. Servetus, do you think he would ever consider citizenship? Do you think he may have prior to Brexit?

            • Huge question. No idea. My kneejerk response is he’d consider it if he could also keep his UK citizenship (those dual citizenship questions are always tricky. We learned in school that you can’t be a dual citizen but it turns out that isn’t true). If he gives up the UK thing, he loses whatever access he has to Commonwealth countries. Honestly, it would be easier, if he has the money and time, to become a citizen of Malta or Cyprus, if that wouldn’t lead to the loss of the UK passport.

  13. I’m just starting a new passage since our exchange above was becoming very narrow and there was no Reply button. Just to say that I’m not trolling (just in case you might think I am) or trying to be difficult: I appreciated it very much when, some years ago, you spent time writing to me privately about handling trolls after I received months of constant battering over on the IMDb board. Usually, when I strongly disagree with you, I keep my mouth shut in case I get into a dispute. These recent posts of mine didn’t start off as disagreements but as an attempt to engage in conversation on what I thought were pretty innocuous subjects. I shall retire to lurkdom, take a deep breath and try to rejoin you all at some later date, keeping in mind what has been said.

  14. sparkhouse1 — LLL has a chance to win a Tony. The thing is that “She Loves Me” had already won a Tony, which increased the likely audience for a broadcast. The Tony Awards are in June, I think, and LLL closes (as of now) in December. So it may win a Tony, but it will close before it does that, which means its Tony status can’t be used to predict the audience for or market for a live stream.

    • Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

      • sparkhouse1 — I have to add to this. I just learned that only Broadway shows are eleigible for Tony Award nominations. LLL is starting off-Broadway. So it won’t be eligible.

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