Collateral attractions: Interview with Graham McTavish

I don’t watch Outlander, but this is an interesting interview. Armitage bits off lips, McTavish goes him one better and bites off noses. Man. Spoilers, presumably.

~ by Servetus on July 11, 2016.

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  1. Thanks for posting as I do watch Outlander. I love how he explained how he died and while watching it last night and I thought it was a very powerful.

    I have a double collateral attraction show. AMC’s Preacher with Graham McTavish and Lucy Griffiths.


    • Preacher! I just started watching this and I’m enjoying it. Didn’t even know either actor was in it, so pleasant surprises in both eps 1 and 2. 😀


      • Just haven’t had the time to watch the Preacher…highly recommend??


        • I really love it so far! It’s definitely not for everyone, ’cause it’s sort of hyperviolent at times and plays around with Christian religious themes. But compared to other modern shows based on 80s/90s comics like Constantine and Lucifer, I think this one is the best of the lot so far. Serious treatment of the source material, good cinematography, great casting. Let me know what you think of it if/when you do watch! 😀


  2. Like this interview with McTavish.

    Sorry for being off topic. When I see good roles in the films and series I sometimes (not something, always tbh) think Armitage would play it and in better way maybe. It’s a bad feeling possibly. Armitage is stunning, there should be dozens suggestions for him and he would choose which of them accept. So, where are good roles for Armitage? *deep sigh”. I wish he played Richard III in the BBC Hollow Crown for example


    • I have that feeling occasionally. I think he would have earned a place somewhere in the Hollow Crown (if not necessarily Richard III), for instance. My frustration is more when I read Benedict Cumberbatch or David Tennant has yet another role.


      • I wonder if it is really difficult to get the roles in Hollywood, I mean in big projects or Armitage just avoids participating in blockbusters.
        Maybe it’s more comfortable for him to film in the independent films with small budget – small project, minimum of attention from mass media. Not sure if it is the best way to achieve successful career. There are problems with distribution of his last 4 films. To
        work much and hard and not to see the results, it should be very annoying for him. Someone said (I think I read it at the Perry’s blog , it was someone’s comment but not sure) he has “problems” with auditioning. Can’t imagine it can be true, he is an experienced actor including international projects.
        But no big projects since the Hobbit. Why, why?.. My god, he is so talented. I wonder if the reason is the lack of the respective relations necessary to get good roles in Hollywood. Or maybe he doesn’t try to get such roles. And I wonder why his team doesn’t PR him. It is necessary for the actors IMO.


        • Well, there are a limited number, and you have to meet certain requirements. He’s a bit old at this point, and he did Thorin mostly in prosthetics so no one knows how he looks. I honestly don’t know what he’s looking for. It would be in his interest to participate in some kind of franchise regularly because it would facilitate other (poorly paid) work. However, people who work in the industry tells me that tons and tons of films get made that never see a screen for whatever reason. If you do indies the odds of this are high (no matter what). I think there were good reasons for some of those projects (Elliott Lester’s reputation, for instance; UATSC seems to have been a project close to his heart and his politics; I think both Pilgrimage and Brain on Fire were co-projects with WME).

          re: is it annoying for him, I imagine it’s frustrating not because he wants to see it but because he’d like others to see it.

          re: auditioning, it’s something he has has said of himself twice. This is one instance: and the other one I remember was his discussion of how he got the role in Sparkhouse. If he did have a problem with auditioning it would explain a lot about his early career. He was also a reluctant choice for N&S if what he has said is true (he was the first person to audition and assumed he had lost it; they auditioned many people; they finally came back to him).

          I have heard for years from fans that they think his PR is poor or his team is not doing a good job. I do think one component is that he apparently doesn’t want to be pictured in the entertainment press outside of his projects; he didn’t attend film premieres, etc., in the UK and so on before The Hobbit, when he had opportunities — he was at one point announced as a guest at a film premiere and then never appeared, that we know of. If he wanted to do that kind of thing now he certainly could do so easily and doesn’t. However, I am also really skeptical that fans “know better” on this issue. We’re just not privy to all the same information that the people who work with him are; we don’t know what kinds of roles are offered (and who they ultimately go to); we don’t how negotiations have gone; and so on. We are at best “armchair quarterbacks” (as the American idiom goes). There’s nothing wrong with our speculations about what might be happening; this is what celebrity fandom is about and guessing and debating is a lot of fun! But we shouldn’t pretend we understand the whole situation, either.


          • Well, the man has his own way. It seems like he knows what to do and what is the best for him.

            In one of the interviews for Anglophile channel he said he is very patient in a professional sphere. So I think he percepts his career development and achievements as it should be happened, not earlier not later.
            In the same interview he said he already achieved the top of his career played Thorin and could switch to the producer’s job (Hope it will not happen during next 10 years). It seems like he is not very ambitious as an actor.
            Re PR. I now remember another interview with Marlise (it’s only me who thinks he was more open with Marlise than with other interviewers? I’ve known many interesting things from interviews for Anglophile) where he said he is like an artist who painted the picture and if it’s well done people will recognize it , so there is no need to shout about it). A bit naive IMO. Sometimes it’s worth to shout to be noticed.
            Hope he is really happy with all he has done and is doing. Doing a play this year should be very exciting to him. Remember his brillliant eyes and relaxed smile in the video of the opening night in Hempstead theatre in the end of June. It’s very pleasant to see him like that. Hope he will enjoy doing LLL.
            Btw, it seems like MLC is delayed indefinitely
            And the MLC twitter account didn’t unfollow RA. Maybe he can join the project after LLL.


            • I hope he gets to do MLC — he seemed to be enjoying it as far as we could see, and it would make so many fans happy.

              I suspect he’s quite ambitious or he wouldn’t be where he is. I also imagine there’s quite a lot of stuff going on that we don’t see. For instance, that oblique reference in the video about the death of Paul Walker where he said he was in talks to do that film; and there was another one that I forget that Perry ran across. I suppose one doesn’t want to talk only about the roles that got away.


  3. Since we are on a collateral Armitage, I was thinking how the AMC channel is an Armitage “M” Collateral channel. Need someone to come up with a “M” word to fit. Here we go, Preacher – Dominic Cooper, Lucy Griffiths and Graham McTavish. Halt and Catch Fire – Lee Pace. The Walking Dead – Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Jon Bernthal. Any others I am missing????


  4. I could listen to (or read about) McTavish talking about his job all day long so thanks for the interview!!!


  5. He’s a good one.


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