It’s been a year since our last Richard Armitage eyelashgasm

John Porter's eyelashes

John Porter’s eyelashes.

Here are links to previous Richard Armitage eyelashgasms.

~ by Servetus on July 11, 2016.

21 Responses to “It’s been a year since our last Richard Armitage eyelashgasm”

  1. Na, das wurde aber höchste Zeit…..


  2. Really, where did he get those eyelashes 😍


  3. I think I haven’t given RA’s eyelashes what they deserve, an ode.

    Ode to an Eyelashgasm

    A guy with beautiful lashes,
    Attracted a bevy of lasses.
    As they prettily fluttered,
    Ladies quietly muttered.
    He looks like a dream,
    Without “Maybeline”.
    They had to agree,
    That no kind of mammal,
    Except for a camel,
    Could have lashes as lovely as he.

    Kathy Jones


  4. XD XD XD Bravo, Kathy!


  5. A camel! I love it! Kathy does it again!


  6. I often think the makeup artist in Hungary must have been a little in love with him too, to come up with Guyliner. Robin Who?


  7. My seat was at ninety degrees from him at the Crucible talk. They were spellbinding, even at a distance of yards.


  8. Funny as you get older your eyelash tips fade, I always wondered what his would look liked if they darkened the tips lol.. hey, he was blessed. Looks gorgeous sideways. love when they show him sleeping …ahhhh.


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