John Porter reacts to his new boss #richardarmitage

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~ by Servetus on July 13, 2016.

18 Responses to “John Porter reacts to his new boss #richardarmitage”

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    OT: dem habe ich nichts hinzuzufügen


  2. He DEFINITELY should change his employer 😂 Maybe he can join the German SEK (Sondereinsatzkommando) 😀


  3. Now I’m starting to get REALLY annoyed with that country!!!!


  4. This might be one of those “we have to keep him within our eyeline, this is the place he’ll do the least damage” assignments.


  5. Lol. Love this. Poor Porter. For queen and country, though. No one said anything about foreign secretary…


  6. Ffs… was just at pub after opera having a pint and when my friends told me as I’d been travelling and hadn’t seen news yet i thought they were pulling my leg! We seem to ve determined to make a laughing stock of this country 😤


  7. It’s going to be just fine.


  8. I really couldn’t believe it when I read it… My first thought was that May just disappointed whatever hopes some people had for a change and a decent government. Didn’t Johnson prove sufficiently how selfish and unreliable he was?


  9. many of us sane people are just shaking our heads and asking why…..


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