Another audiobook for Richard Armitage?

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~ by Servetus on July 14, 2016.

28 Responses to “Another audiobook for Richard Armitage?”

  1. Sounds like it!
    (The characteristically Armitagean punctuation really throws me every time…)

  2. I suppose that means he is back in NYC that’s a shame I am in London tomorrow and I always hope to see him. Didn’t think he would indulge in some R&R for long.

  3. Looks like Audible snapped him up for another narration when they discovered he suddenly had some spare time. Or did he offer I wonder? It’s a nice short project, and one he seems to enjoy. Either way, it’s something of his to look forward to. 🙂

    • A bit of something nice for y’all down under, anyway, I hope.

    • I actually saw on another website that an admirer had tweeted someone from audible about the fact that RA had some time between projects after having to give up on Mid Life Crisis due to delays in filming. I guess she thought that he could fit in an audiobook before Love, Love, Love. The man from audible said he would look into it. That doesn’t have to mean that she started this, but who knows? Even if it’s just a coincidence, it’s quite a funny one, I think.

      • yeah, it’s a funny coincidence, but I’m skeptical, mostly because fans constantly say things like this. Day before yesterday, a fan stated that the reason that the theater finally confirmed the cast of LLL was because she’d been complaining about it on Twitter the night before. That’s obviously not how it works, but because fans don’t understand how the industry works, there is a huge problem with post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning in this fandom, and Armitage’s fans in particular seem inclined to think we are much more important to his career than we really are. Publishers don’t just suddenly decide to add a title to their catalog because someone is unexpectedly free. These things take planning, market analysis, preparation of a text to be read, obtaining rights if necessary, and scheduling of studio time. Plus pay would have to be negotiated with his agent, who will take a cut. My read on this: Armitage has a standing offer from Audible,he’s a bit of a workaholic, and this was a convenient time to take advantage of it.

  4. I have been MUCH in love with words since I learned to read. I always prefer words. I know people say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes, the words which are shared can be so heartbreakingly beautiful that I actually can’t breathe. Sometimes, when Richard reads poems, or lines from certain readings, I actually need to pause to breathe in deeply, reflect and then move on. I’m a HUGE listener of music of quite eclectic tastes, but regardless of genre, it must be the lyrics which touch my soul. Bono…a complete poet. Thom Yorke…Sting…many others, but damn! Words spoken in RAs clipped English? ! Bring them ON! So,? Speculation as to what it may be? Be still my beating heart! The sky rips open…the rain pours through a gushing wound! I NEED A NEW AUDIOBOOK! 😁

    Forgive me. ..the drama of the play has made me positively giddy!

    • It would be really cool if Armitage were a singer / songwriter on top of his many other talents 🙂

  5. it is so wonderful to hear that Mr. Richard Armitage is doing another audiobook, but I hope that it will be put on cd. i love going for drives and I like to listen to music when I am driving, but I really love listening to Mr. Richard Armitage( venetia, sylvester, and the convenient marriage). I know that he did other audiobooks,etc. but you can only download them from your computer. I find it such a shame that audiobooks couldn’t put the stuff that Mr. Richard Armitage did on cds for people like me who would rather have a cd so that you can listen in your car or at home, or going for a walk, etc. also a lot of us are not that computer smart( burning cds, downloading things, etc.) and audiobook should put it on a regular cd. somebody heard I like Mr. Richard Armitage and bought me the chimes cd. I rip the package open, popped it in my car cd and nothing, couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. I looked at the case and it said for use in a mp3 machine only. I was so mad. so audiobook needs to try and please all people and put all of Mr. Richard Armitage’s readings on the computer, cd, and that mp3 thing, so everybody can have a chance to enjoy Mr. Richard Armitage.

    • I share your frustration with the CD situation — I’m in a similar situation. I might potentially have finished David Copperfield if I’d been trapped in a car with it, for instance.

      • I listened to it on my phone in the car. That worked for me.

        • Whatever works for each of us! I hate phones, have a phone for emergencies only. Can’t imagine ever turning it on in my car.

          • I’ve become a convert to the smartphone. As a phone, I mainly use it to contact my family. But i use it for music, watching shows, and even reading blogs! As you say, to each her own!

    • I have the first half of Hamlet the novel on CD but it was a struggle to burn and I haven’t found time to do the second half. I like to listen in the car too.

      • I feel like one day, historians will write about period that people were frustrated by the ongoing media changes that brought them very interesting and varied material but regularly left them struggling to upgrade either the media or the players to be able to consume it.

        • I enjoy listening in the car too. I usually burn my downloaded audiobooks onto cd, but I baulked at doing so with David Copperfield – way too many discs. Hamlet took ten if I recall correctly, and that was enough. As a result, I’m still not even halfway through DC because it’s only downloaded to my iPad and I simply don’t get to it that often, I’m more likely to pick up a physical book.

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