What Love, Love, Love stuff do you want to buy? #LLL #richardarmitage

For those who wanted to consume Richard Armitage / The Crucible memorabilia, there wasn’t a whole lot on offer. Posters, mostly, and programs. But the Roundabout Theatre seems a bit more au fait with the notion of merchandising than the Old Vic Theatre was, so we might look at their store for the current season and imagine what kind of souvenirs they will have on offer. I’m sure they will have posters, mugs, totes, magnets, and so on — whatever they sell, though, I suggest they put a picture of Armitage on it for better sales.

Here are some suggestions for me, based on the play:

  1. Richard Armitage sings along with the Beatles: Love, Love, Love (1967 single): The Who cares about Ringo Starr anyway edition? I anticipate this being a huge seller, if sales of the “Misty Mountains” single are indication. Then again, selling it as a 45 might be an obstacle to part of the market. Even most baby boomers no longer own a record player, and you needed an extension to play 45s. So the theater may need to make an mp3 available.

Screen shot 2016-07-13 at 8.04.54 PM

2. The Kenneth Act One dressing gown. How I see this working is as a limited edition. Armitage wears a different one for each performance. Each dressing gown would then have traces of stage paint and sweat in it, increasing the appeal of the item. Because there are only about 100 performances, there will only be 100 of these available, which means it could be sold for a bit more.

Mashed this up with an image of Roger Moore. Robe is from 1973, so slightly anachronistic.

Mashed this up with an image of Roger Moore. Robe is from 1973, so slightly anachronistic.

3. From Act Three, some fans may wish to partake in the delicious and affordable French wine that Kenneth and Sandra are drinking (affordable in part due to relaxed tariffs after the UK joined the EU single market. Oops). Roundabout Theater could sell bottles of this wine with Armitage’s image on the bottle. Affordable and fun: Chateau Amour-propre 2016.

Screen shot 2016-07-13 at 8.50.09 PM4. Finally, and somewhat controversially — Kenneth and Sandra get together over their shared interest in a particular substance they like to consume together. I’m not sure the theater will really want to sell these, but I am sure that if they did, they’d sell out! Not labeling this one, but if you recognize it, you will know how to use it. Not recommended for sale to minors.

Screen shot 2016-07-13 at 9.01.33 PM

What kind of Love, Love, Love and Armitage stuff would you like to buy?

~ by Servetus on July 14, 2016.

25 Responses to “What Love, Love, Love stuff do you want to buy? #LLL #richardarmitage”

  1. The dressing gown! (as described above, to include DNA 😉 That’s a no-brainer 😀


    • A little more seriously (I suppose 🙂 – I appreciate your points about the Tony being a factor in recording She Loves Me, I would have never thought of that…. but after not being able to see the Crucible live, I’m acutely aware that:

      1) his live theater appearances are probably going to be some of his best work, and undoubtedly something he has wanted to return to (& probably will plan around, per recent events) – and
      2) the single-location aspect of theater will probably always be difficult for his fans to deal with, as a rate-limiting factor.

      So I truly hope that the play both exceeds expectations/ previous conceptions (like Crucible did) and is also wildly successful for the theater (also like Crucible)! Both for his benefit of course, AND so that a recording would be more likely to happen 🙂 for the benefit of those across the pond who I do feel for (and those who just want to re-experience ❤ )
      Fingers crossed already lol…


      • I agree with you on both points — I think he wants to do more theater and that it will continue to be a point of friction between fans.

        This doesn’t help the Australian fans at all, but Roundabout Theater productions have been very heavily rewarded. They were nominated for 95 awards in the previous season and they won 37, I believe. its Off-Broadway engagements have sometimes (but not always) moved onto Broadway. This play might be a good candidate for that, which would extend the production and chances for fans to see it (a second time, if they wanted, albeit at a higher price) and possibly, in turn, facilitate a transmission or filming. It’s just that the timeline for a transmission is so short — two months until previews, and the play will close in five months — that they would almost need to be planning for it already. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t, of course.

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  2. So silly lol, yet sweaty robe would be a huge seller.


  3. What do you think the price point should be? Probably $100 to buy the robe. What is the value added?


  4. LOL!
    Does it show my age that I knew the original occupant of the dressing gown before you identified him? 😉


    • Yes 🙂

      Interestingly when I googled images of 1967 men’s dressing gowns Bond pictures were a major part of the results.


      • Mr. Bond did spend a fair amount of time in various states of undress. Spies, at least the 00’s, look good in less. 😊


  5. There was a page devoted to Bond’s pajamas, I saw. I agree, nowadays the actors are expected to show more 🙂


  6. A cleaning cloth for my glasses with a LLL-RA-motive 😎 Nice AND useful and always in my handbag.


  7. I think what would be great is if the director filmed all the rehearsals, mistakes/bloopers the actors make, etc. and put it on dvd and sell it at the theater and maybe when the play closes put the dvd on amazon,etc. so the people who couldn’t see the play can buy it, and would be able to watch Mr. Richard Armitage all the time.


  8. I’d be perfectly happy with a DVD of the play, but failing that, I’d love a dressing gown! Smelling of RA of course. 😉


  9. That numero quattro gadget is for what exactly?😀 what is it?


  10. Yeah, would love a DVD too! And anything really with the Armitage image on it. Magnets, buttons, a poster, programme. 🙂


    • Slightly OT here but I recently bought yet another DVD of N&S – merely because the BBC issued one with a new cover which is much nicer than the (dare I say) bland cover on the original. At least it’s way more colourful, It was rather more expensive but as you say – it’s “the Armitage image” !!! 😉

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