Turkey. Turkish Armitage fans please stay safe.

That’s all I have to say. Please duck under cover. Well, not just Armitage fans. All people in Turkey.

~ by Servetus on July 15, 2016.

46 Responses to “Turkey. Turkish Armitage fans please stay safe.”

  1. OMG!

    • “and they wanted to join the EU,” Servetus said dryly.

      what a huge mess. So many defense arrangements are contingent on the stability of that border. FFS.

      • I heard the news on the radio while returning home from the theatre. What on earth is going on this year?

        • Hürriyet just said that the coup had been repulsed. (???? — who knows — chaos).

          We may be getting to a point where the situation is so apparently unstable that everyone in opposition decides this is the moment.

  2. Glued to the screen here. It seems that no one really knows what is going on.

    • I think that’s fair to say. I’m watching the Guardian live updates. As far as I can tell it’s a military faction at the head of the coup and Erdogan still thinks he’s in charge (shrugs).

      • Was just watching Tagesschau correspondent in Istanbul who says that the situation is tense and dangerous, possibly for the next few days.

        • UK government has told people to stay out of public places and US government has urged those in Turkey to call home so people know they are safe.

          • Yes, I heard the same. Read somewhere that the military may be connected to the Gülen faction.

            • it’s not something I keep track of but the majority of the military has been more secular than Erdogan’s party has seemed lately. Which doesn’t rule out them having a religious-based faction, of course.

              • Sounds only marginally better than Erdogan.
                Now hearing reports about loud explosion in Ankara, state broadcaster…
                This all sounds very serious!

            • Boris Johnson is monitoring the situation, though.

              • Well, the UK can lean back in relief then…

                • I know, right?

                  This is the man who called Erdogan a “wankerer.”

                  • Clearly the right man for the position of foreign secretary.

                    • Luckily someone else is in charge of UK’s NATO participation. Although an expert on wanking might be useful there … [sarcasm]

                    • The decline of occident and orient at the same time.
                      Now tanks en route to parliament in Ankara. I do think this is serious

                    • yeah, it is, my jokes notwithstanding. Erdogan is on a plane, cut off from all broadcasting, and just facetimed the Turkish people via CNN, and his plane isn’t being allowed to land.

                      In favor of stability I guess I’m hoping he holds it together, although it’s so hard to say anything positive about him.

                    • I am very much in two minds about him. But as long as we din’t know what and who is exactly behind the military coup, I have no idea what to think. I just hope that there will be no blood and civil war!

                    • I think he’s running scared — he told the people to go out into the streets (who does that?).

                      I’m just like

                      (a) migrants / refugees and
                      (b) Syria
                      (c) Russia lurking

                      I want that border to hold.

                    • If that border breaks, it could be the start of a much bugger unravelling…

                    • Guessing NATO forces are on high alert, possibly preparing to scramble. What a mess.

                • What a mess… DECC is being dismantled too, climate change not an issue for the new PM apparently. I shudder to think what tomorrow’s news will bring. But glad to see BJ has it all in hand 🤐 lol

                  • This situation is scary and could trigger yet other even scarier events. I hope the people in power will keep cool heads and not rush into knee-jerk reactions?

            • If this is Gülenists and they are successful, that’s very interesting in terms of the study of comparative revolutions (which often have an initial, moderate phase). Sorry. You can take the girl out of the university but you can’t take the university out of the girl.

        • Erdogan says it’s Gülenists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BClen_movement

  3. Tanks confirmed opening fire in front of Turkish parliament.

  4. Just saw a tweet that Erdogan is seeking asylum???

  5. Financial Times reports Greece closes border with Turkey.

  6. My daughter is “sheltering in place” in Ankara now. Airport is closed. She sent a video of lots of jets and helicopters overhead, but her neighborhood is quiet. Her Turkish friends are in favor of the coup, because in their opinion, Erdogan is taking the country in the wrong direction, away from secularism. They look at the coup as a positive development, which will hopefully reaffirm the legacy of Ataturk, who is revered. She is getting her news from the same sources we are, so I have no news to add. Only anecdotal information from her, and her Turkish friends. She has lived in Ankara for two and a half years and has a Turkish boyfriend, so she is a good source for attitudes of urban, secularTurks regarding the current situation. Please send her and her friends some positive energy to get through this difficult time safely. Thanks.

    • re: Erdogan — there’s nothing to like there, I agree, except that he is technically the democratically elected leader of the country.

      re: your daughter — sending positive energy right now.

    • I hope she and her friends are and remain safe

    • Prayers for your daughter, her friends and you! May all those in Turkey be safe, and may this mess come to an end without brutality or chaos! This is really just ridiculous. Not a day goes by without drama and unrest!

      • Thank you. She is safe. I cannot watch news until morning. It makes me too nervous. State department advises American citizens to stay indoors, avoid unnecessary travel and monitor news. She receives automated updates, so if advice changes, she will know instantly.

    • I had bern thinkung of you, Kathy, cos I remembered you visited Turkey just recently. Glad to hwar that your daughter is safe. – Unfortunately the coup was unsuccessful, which will now make Erdogan even stronger than before.

  7. Boris Johnson’s great grandfather was a Turkish politician and journalist murdered in The Turkish War of Independence.
    His other ancestry line is Germanic aristocracy.

  8. Everywhere just seems to be going insane. My heart hurts for everyone. Honestly it takes me back to the old 60’s song..”Eve of Destruction by I believe it was Barry McGuire. one day after another nothing but senseless evil.

    • Next week: the RNC convention in Cleveland! This is something I’m actually really nervous about.

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