A tweet for the wine lovers

Screen shot 2016-07-16 at 1.00.04 PM

~ by Servetus on July 16, 2016.

16 Responses to “A tweet for the wine lovers”

  1. I’ve had one or two good wines in my entire life – good meaning that I liked. It just really tastes a lot like vinegar to me. Not a wine lover. Give me some tequila or single malt scotch and I’m much happier. Except I rarely drink. I’m tipsy on half a beer. But, changing the subject to alcohol is preferable to ‘this conversation is over’.


    • You do have to learn to like it and for a lot of people it’s not worth the effort — the affordable stuff is not that good. A single malt scotch is a lot more accessible to the average person (although I don’t especially like it). I had a wine phase and it was much easier on my pocket book when I switched to beer.


  2. I’d actually like to hear him pronounce both names!

    Seems like fandom has blown up again…


    • Well, there’s always heightened tension in the leadup to and performance of a play. Not sure why particularly but this is the third time I have observed it. Then, someone was policing the Armitage tag on Twitter yesterday. And the last thing was something Armitage did.


  3. I like the table though 😳 (off topic, sorry)


  4. Love the table. Very much what I wanted, but couldn’t find on a non-Richard budget. I wonder if he decorates himself for comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation, or just lives with whatever a decorator does?


    • There is a not very well substantiated rumor that he recently went table shopping. Well, recently in the sense of about a year or so ago.


  5. I’d be so curious to see the furnitures he has chosen for his home.
    Or someone else,I’ve no idea…
    I like architecture and design in general, do not think ill of me…


    • I think because I love decorating so much, it interests me and I always notice details. I think a person’s home, not size or expense, because I think you express yourself in any range (HomeGoods, Target…).just how they live, tells an awful lot about a person. What makes them comfortable? Obviously, Richard’s choices might interest me as a more personal insight.


  6. Well, I know nothing about wine, so I googled garganega. The picture he used on his tweet is from the wikipedia page … guess he googled it too.


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