For the present reducing exposure to people who only make me angry

This is an abbreviation. Original tweet in its entirety is here.

Screen shot 2016-07-16 at 10.05.04 AM

~ by Servetus on July 16, 2016.

30 Responses to “For the present reducing exposure to people who only make me angry”

  1. I wonder if this tweet meens Armitage started the blocking of annoying stuff

  2. *sorry for misspelling

  3. Well, I’d prefer this to him deleting tweets if this should be an attempt to keep things a bit more civil / peaceful on his twitter page.

    • I’m not annoyed with him (or at least not more than usual). And I’m sure Fernanda is (justifiably) thrilled. I’m trying to limit exposure to Michelle Forbes until it’s absolutely necessary. That woman is toxic to me.

    • And the constant tweet deleting is a dick move. It was especially dickish today. But I’m learning to deal, I guess.

    • However, I should say: kudos to Armitage for giving positive attention to a fan who is behaving positively !

  4. What did he delete?

    • yesterday, a fan tweeted him to say she didn’t understand why he deleted the Orlando tweets, but tweeted sympathy with Paris. A second fan chimed in to accuse her of deliberating provoking controversy in order to claim she was bullied. I pointed out that this was a problem on a number of levels. The second fan tweeted Armitage to say she was unfollowing him because his fans are hateful. A third fan chimed in to say that she should block the first and me because many people in the fandom don’t like us. I’d had it and exposed the third fan as a sockpuppet who has had trouble with me for years.

      Then I went to bed.

      This morning I learned that he had responded to the first fan and then deleted the tweets. His deleted tweets are in text form here:

      • Thank you for the information. So much for my unrealistic hope that he might start blocking instead of deleting tweets…

        • He should mute. Letting fans see that he had blocked them could turn into another bone of contention.

      • You did say that I wasn’t banned yet, didn’t you? So, if I may, I’d like to defend myself. I’m the third fan known as @pond_dweller on Twitter and as jaydee elsewhere. I don’t think that makes me a sockpuppet which, to me, implies that I am deliberately disguising my identity in order to be ‘mean’ to people. As RA has himself suggested, I advised the fan to block people rather than unfollow RA – I couldn’t see the logic of her (the fan’s) decision. It was a suggestion to this fan rather than an attack on Servetus, and I certainly didn’t say that people didn’t like her. I also mentioned that ‘many’ people agreed with the fan’s attitude (but that also infers that many don’t). The two differing attitudes towards whether or not it is OK to be publicly critical of RA has been discussed at length, both on here and elsewhere and, from what I can see, has caused distress on both sides. I tweet very little but have been moved by the Brexit situation to send RA a few critical tweets myself. I have disagreed with Servetus on a handful of occasions over 5 years and have tried to contribute positively on a few others. I don’t see this as causing trouble since mainly I lurk and keep my mouth shut.

      • Talk about lack of kindness. I know they have freedom of speech, but some of the comments on there are just mean spirited personal attacks, particularly if you click on the individuals, as were many directed to you in the last two days. What is it about this kind gentleman that brings out such viciousness in some of his fans? Yes, there are the protectors, but a lot of it is very different. There seems to be a segment that doesn’t even like him, and only participate to make him look foolish, and pit actual fans against each other.

        • yeah, that subreddit is a real gamble, what you’ll find there. It emerged when DL appeared to kick the shippers off (I was never sure what happened there, exactly, as DL was so hard to read), and a lot of people at DL were definitely not fans. Some of them have migrated to reddit, although the preponderance of people at reddit are actual fans. I usually don’t recommend it to the faint of heart but it was the first place I found the content of the deleted tweets. They have a bot there that records the text of the tweets even if they get deleted, which is really useful.

        • to also speak briefly on their behalf — I don’t approve of everything that is said there — but that group exists in part because they were abused by other fans a few years ago. So part of their group awareness, so to speak, is a belief about how all other fans who don’t agree with them also hate them.

          • The last few days have just been so bizarre. I know all the bickering and deleting goes on all the time, but WTF is blowing it all up now?

            • I think it’s the play, frankly. I cut a paragraph about this out of my post about why I bought the tickets, but there are certain things that happen in the leadup to a live performance, to wit:

              a) accusations that fans are buying too many tickets, depriving other fans
              b) accusations / worries that fans will stalk Armitage physically through the city
              c) accusations that fans will not know how to behave in a theater
              d) accusations that fans will not know how to behave at a stage door or will harm Armitage
              e) accusations that fans are behaving badly in contacting the box office / the theater staff can’t stand the fans

              I hypothesize that something about the fact that he will appear in person calls forth the latent need that some fans have to protect him — even fans who don’t normally engage in policing get involved at these times. Or perhaps it’s that the secondary embarrassment that many fans experience as a part of the widespread ambivalence about being a fan (“I am a fan, but not one of those fans”) becomes particularly acute at these points when opportunities for fans to do something that Armitage must notice are enhanced.

  5. Ahhh! That explains the barrage of loony messages I got. I was told by quite a few to delete Plushie Richie’s retweet of Richard’s Paris tweet because apparently in mentioning that we also remember victims of other tragedies, I was insinuating that Mr Armitage was racist.
    I don’t experience this level of looniness in any other fandom. Geez!

  6. fernanda blocks everyone

    • That’s her right, I think. She wants to have a certain experience and that is what the block button is there for.

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