Richard Armitage eyelashgasm poetry


A guy with beautiful lashes,
Attracted a bevy of lasses.
As they prettily fluttered,
Ladies quietly muttered.
He looks like a dream,
Without “Maybelline”.
They had to agree,
That no kind of mammal,
Except for a camel,
Could have lashes as lovely as he.

Kathy Jones

~ by Servetus on July 18, 2016.

37 Responses to “Richard Armitage eyelashgasm poetry”

  1. Kathy strikes again 😂❤️

  2. Oh Kathy, my dear! I sure needed this uplift tonight ❤ So much doom and gloom everywhere (although I mourn all the sadness) I have been quite “down ” of late but this gave me the boost I needed before I head off to bed. You are a treasure!! Thank you and for Servetus for posting this on her blog. Now if I could only have that dream 😉

  3. I love any sort of Lucas North gasm.

    • Me too.

      • I think it’s high time I pulled out Spooks again. Probably only S7 and 8 though. I try to forget S9 every happened – in spite of Richard’s wonderful acting. I own all 10 series but S10 never came out of it wrappings. I only bought it to complete the set. Seeing it once on TV was quite enough, thank you. 😦

        • I’m the same. Have never quite made it through a rewatch of series 9 (partly but not entirely because of SO’s low RA tolerance)!

  4. Favorite picture! Perfect poetry…😁 Thanks for lightening up the mood!

  5. i personally like the comparison to a camel 🙂

    • Ostriches have beautiful eyelashes too, but I couldn’t figure out how to rhyme anything with them. 🙂

      • there must be a word that rhymes with ostrich. Internet suggests “Gingrich” or “drawbridge.”

        Please don’t write a poem with Newt Gingrich in it. Thanks so much.

  6. Yeah, the camel is quite extraordinary!!
    ……..and those luscious lashes qualify for the new header!!!

  7. They do. It was time to look back to Lucas 🙂

  8. Lovely Kathy! Always great to read a bit of light poetry!

  9. Lovely Kathy is right❣ I’m saving that image and poem for, well just cause😈

  10. BTW-I am crashing, (well she picked me up in a bar, no, really at the airport last night) at Kathy’s right now. She is a perfect hottest, I mean hostess❗️She knew exactly how (who) I would want my bed; this morning, she made me breakfast and I took the longest time to finish my delish coffee. It has been a terrific start to the high pressure week ahead💟 I think I may want to keep Kathy….wonder how our hubs would deal with that?

  11. Kathy is a super sweet person; having met her I can vouch for this. You might be behind me in line though.

  12. Oh Kathy…. how do you do it???❤❤

  13. Love it! And the eyelashes 😉

  14. Thank you for the lightness Kathy. Controversy not included.

  15. 😂 His eyelashes never gave me any gasm (I’m less refined 😉 ) butt the poem is really great,Kathy. Thanks for the laughter!

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