Watch Mike Bartlett’s Wild, which Richard Armitage thinks you need to see

Bartlett is the playwright of Love, Love, Love. You can watch a live stream here this Saturday from the Hampstead Theatre, and then it will be available to review for a couple of days. Info via Herba — thank you!

~ by Servetus on July 19, 2016.

12 Responses to “Watch Mike Bartlett’s Wild, which Richard Armitage thinks you need to see”

  1. I saw this about three weeks ago. It was an nteresting play though I’m not sure how the ending, which was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, will translate to screen!

    I wonder if this live stream will encourage the Roundabout Theatre to do the same for Love Love Love?


  2. Wow! That is incredibly generous of them.


  3. The Hampstead Theatre does free live online screenings quite regularely. Very much enjoyed the production some weeks ago at the theatre. Highly recommended.


    • The more theatres make plays available to the public, the more children and non-theatre goers will be drawn in. For children especially, it can open up a whole new world. Not only theatre, but hopefully all the arts.


  4. Hope wifi at our holiday address will be good enough for me to see this.


  5. I’m always grateful for live streaming or subscription streaming options. Making theater in small to mid sized markets like I do means I can’t always afford to go to the major cities to see work. Streaming isn’t the same as being in the room of a performance, but it makes me want to go see more of the live theater I can get to.


  6. Thank you!


  7. Thank YOU für the link love :*


  8. You’re welcome.


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