I’ve been sorta wrapped up in the RNC

That, and this tragedy, which the U.S. is ignoring. Wherever you are reading this from, I hope you are safe.

~ by Servetus on July 21, 2016.

6 Responses to “I’ve been sorta wrapped up in the RNC”

  1. Attending SDCC with Mimi and have not seen any TV since Mon. so missed the whole thing. Kind of glad about that TBH. Taking a vacation from reality surrounded by fantasy creatures and zombies is the nadir of nerdy escapism. When we drag ourselves back to the room we put on David Copperfield and are lulled to sleep with RA’s dulcet tones. I do check the newsfeed once in a while, but only headlines. I am usually a news junkie, even on vacation, but current news is to challenging to watch.


  2. Just binge watched Homeland season 1and this is the very thing that was the impetus behind the main character Brody’s “turning”. I often find that what we watch in “entertainment ” is a statement of the realities in the world at large. It’s impossible to ignore the loss of innocents in this on-going strife! We can’t turn blind eyes and accept that “these things happen.” Not that I have ideas on how to handle this, but I sure wish there was a group of people whose ideas would make a difference in situations like these. Doesn’t help that I’m reading A Long Way Gone, by Ishmael Beah. It’s his memoirs of having been a child soldier in Sierra Leone. I’m shaking my head in disbelief of how these evils come about. So much for taking an emotional break from real life….I’ll have to read something “fluffy” after this!


    • the “these things happen” or “what did you think would happen” arguments are starting to drive me crazy. This isn’t like rain or tornadoes — inevitable and uncontrollable. These are things people do.


  3. I know. So many killed and so little news coverage devoted to it. Global village? Only for the stories of the privileged few I feel. The other stories are pushed aside like unwanted leaves on a path. So very sad.


    • It’s not that I wish less coverage for (say) Munich but this story is getting no traction. the US may not even investigated that it is happening until mid-August. It seems like a war crime to me.


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