Somewhat more solid Brain on Fire distribution info

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~ by Servetus on July 21, 2016.

9 Responses to “Somewhat more solid Brain on Fire distribution info”

  1. Is nobody actually reading the attached article? It also says that Broad Green has laid off 6% of their staff (mainly in marketing), which to me actually sounds slightly ominous. Fingers crossed that BoF will be distributed as planned.

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  2. Well that is certainly good news to hear and I also just saw a copy of a tweet that Sleepwalker is planning on being released in 2016. Now that is the movie I have been waiting for. I believe the name was from Mark Lester, am I right????


  3. BOF was a really interesting book, so I’m really looking forward to hopefully seeing the movie.


    • Yes, I loved the book. I read it with great interest, having gone through Neurological Lyme disease for 2 years. I had endured many of the same tests that were done on Susannah Cahalan. It was the brilliance of my neurologist from Sri Lanka and my functional medicine provider that finally, jointly diagnosed me, despite a myriad of tests that left many questions and led the medical doctors to assume that I was just another stressed out, depressed woman in her 40s. I’m anxiously awaiting the film and thrilled that awareness may come from a story like this one. Not everything that doctors say is necessarily so! Sometimes, a different angle and an unorthodox approach is needed. I’m sure Richard will find a way to bring out the humanity in such a way that we will be able to appreciate what this family went through.


      • Thank you for sharing your story, Chazak. I hope that you are doing well now. The older I get, the more I understand that medical knowledge is incomplete (while improving) and that diagnosis and treatment depend greatly on educated guesses and perhaps on brilliant diagnosticians along the lines of Dr. House. Glad you found yourself a brilliant diagnostic team!


        • Thankfully, SueBC, I am doing much better now and getting my life back on track the past year. Thanks for your wishes! I too am thrilled to have found a team that was looking beyond the norm – don’t know where I would’ve been without them and a family who did everything to care for me.


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