Kinda makes you wonder what qualifies as a “best seller”

Brief mention of Richard Armitage in an article about growing attraction of audiobooks. Maybe the numbers are growing but my understanding is that a few thousand copies is a good sales number for most audiobooks. Also, “The Chimes” was a free download to audible members if I recall correctly, so I am guessing a lot of people who downloaded it didn’t pay.

~ by Servetus on July 22, 2016.

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  1. Yes, it was a freebie! Interesting article though, and at least it’s taught me what whispersync means! I love audiobooks.


  2. That’s an interesting article, but I must say it doesn’t reflect my way of listening to audio books at all. I prefer reading myself to listening in general, and I need to really concentrate on audiobooks in order to keep up with what’s being said. Doing that during driving or work wouldn’t work for me at all.

    What’s really getting on my nerves with audible is the poor quality audio they provide. This may not be noticeable depending on what you listen on, but if you burn it to CD, the difference between ‘proper’ CD releases of RA’s work (like the Heyers, Robin Hoods etc.) and audible books is glaring. The best you can get is mp3 (a lossy format) at 64 kbps, mp3 could go up to 320kbps (a huge difference, you definitely hear that even on an average PC), and there are also lossless formats they could use. The download would be bigger / take longer and the file would be larger, but I’d at least like to have a choice.
    As it is, I love that he’s doing all that interesting audio work, but hate that I can’t get it in proper quality, which his voice definitely deserves.

    And with regard to The Chimes: I don’t know the sales number, but when it was a freebie it was almost impossible to find on some audible websites, even if you were actively looking for it or searching for all RA audiobooks. I finally found it in my country through a fan link from another website. It’s safe to say they could have ‘sold’ more if they’d made it easier to find.


    • I can’t imagine that I’d prioritize listening to any book that I really cared about — I like to read fast through boring things and read slowly through things I am enjoying and pause, think, and reread. That said, Heyer is fine as an audiobook. I used to listen to these from my computer, but lately the car is the only time an audiobook has a chance with me. Thanks for the interesting info about the formats. I agree that it would be good for download to capture his “whole” voice.


    • Audible suggests very nice app for Android and iOS. I enjoy using it on my smartphone, can listen to RA’s audiobooks any time any place.
      They positioned the Chimes as a Christmas gift for the Audible listeners with a nice introduction of Audible CEO. Wonder why they didn’t promote it duly. I’ve found it very easy on their official website (maybe because I was looking for it in the beginning of the year when it already became paid).

      Trying to find RA’s The Lords of the North. Someone said it’s incredible audiobook.


      • had The Chimes for everyone to see even when it was free, while other audible sites in other countries took months for it to show up in a search. But you could get it there by following links from fansites. It was a bit weird.

        Regarding The Lords of the North: You need to be careful what you buy since there are different audio book versions of this novel. RAs isn’t available as a download. The company only ever had a region limited copyright and then had to close down a while ago. But you can find used copies, for example on and Use the ISBN 1405623691 on those websites and it will take you to a 10CD-box set by Chivers Audio Books. It says Read by Richard Armitage on the cover. It’s actually part 3 of a book series, so it might make sense to read the others first.


        • Thank you for the information, Taurus. Very helpful for me.


          • You’re very welcome. I’m glad I could help. I had a hard time finding it myself, especially as it isn’t listed under his name and isn’t available on all amazon websites.


      • emphasize the advice to make sure that you buy the copy with Armitage as narrator. I’ve listened to the first 3 discs and they are excellent. re: reading the previous books — the story is entirely comprehensible without the predecessor novels.


        • Thank you, Servetus. Actually, I tweeted to Audible support team in May asking if there are any chances they will be able to offer The Lord of the North to their listeners, received an answer “Stay in hope”. But no update from their side as of today. So I’m going to look for it at amazon, as Taurus adviced.


          • I’m sure they hear that request a lot. I know that there is an electronic version of this because it was at one time downloadable, so hopefully the master still exists and they can eventually get their hands on it.


        • I’m really hooked on RA’s audiobooks. The Chimes is my absolute fav. Love his Toby Veck and Margaret. He made them with such kindness and sympathy. Maybe it’s naive to think like this but it seems to me only a good person with a philantropic spirit can make voices of the positive hero like Armitage does.
          It’s interesting how he creates women’s voices. All his women are stunning.


          • You’re absolutely right. A lot of men reading audio books sound silly when they try to do women’s voices, but he’s really good at it. And there’s so much emotional depth. Add that wonderful voice and it’s a real pleasure to listen to his audiobooks. I had a really hard time switching from him to Emma Thompson for The Turn of the Screw, actually. She did a good job, but he’s a hard act to follow.


            • Armitage is the only narrator I have listened to. Nothing to compare with. I’m sure he’ll be the best for me forever:-) Maybe try to listen to Hiddleston’s High-Rise . There are good rerviews for it. But not sure. I have credits at Audible. Hope I can use at at the earliest to buy another RA’s audiobook. There should be a new project with Audible. It was a hint from Audible to RJ last week. Extracts from Shakespeare’s RJ narrated by RA would be great. Look forward to the annoucement.


          • agree re: women’s voices.


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