Things actual terrorists did today that many of us are not talking about

I’m so sorry, Kabul.

~ by Servetus on July 23, 2016.

16 Responses to “Things actual terrorists did today that many of us are not talking about”

  1. Simply the saddest… again, just read The Kite Runner with our seniors this past year and had the most amazing discussions with these 17/18 year olds about the Hazara people and the long history of persecution against them. It’s really beyond comprehension, the ugliness of humanity at times. It was a great book for them to read to begin to understand the generations of hatred, the roots of the bitterness between these people and an eye opener to our involvement in the regions. Many of these students of mine are young men and women that are contemplating joining our military services. Would hope that they make the choice with as much information going in as possible.


    • It’s amazing to me that we can be aware of a region to that extent (major bestseller, filmed, our young military personnel cycle out of there repeatedly) and it still isn’t worth the forefront of our attention.


  2. Absolutely heartbreaking. I’ve begun checking Associated Press and Reuters first to corroborate these stories because other outlets are too little & too late….too often anyway.
    I was disturbed to see numerous tweets from both Munich and Kabul with photos of the dead. Wondered if this was possibly to corroborate the event (especially in Kabul)- or simply thoughtless and disrespectful of the dead. I suppose people can panic in the moment but still….


    • the US press is hyperfocused on the election at the moment. I follow a few German papers — they still care about the rest of the world.

      One of the issues with Munich pix anyway (and also stuff tweeted from Turkey last weekend) is that a lot of it is not accurate — people are repurposing older pictures of atrocities.


      • Sorry I’m so late getting back…. I’ve seen that point made about fake photos with several events in the past, but didn’t realize about Munich. I did see a lot of wildly varying speculation though.


        • I think what you have to do is do Google image search — copy the photo and see if you can find it appeared somewhere else. Not foolproof but a good basic safeguard. Assuming you want to get involved in checking pictures of atrocities.

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  3. Just heartbreaking. It seems every day, I open my newsfeed and something like this has happened somewhere. Just just heartbreaking. There are no words. I have none.


  4. 😥


  5. the world is getting bleaker 😦 i do wonder if one violent event doesn’t somehow inspire others in creating the same kind of chaos and destruction…
    And it is more evident than usual how self-centric the developed world is 😦
    been watching a slew of interviews/documentaries from the people’s perspective rather than with presenter interference/commentary and it feels increasingly important to hear everyone speak and relate their reality… What happened in Kabul is just horrendous as life there has been so tough for so many years 😦 and instead of getting better..
    And the increasing response from the developed/rich minority of the world seems to be nationalism, increased hysteria and the desire to build walls to keep the rest of the world out and protect as somebody local says ‘our way of life’… really makes my skin crawl. You see angry red faced mobs screaming o tv calling others ‘terrorists’and not seeing that they present a mirror image of violence, anger, fanaticism.
    It is scary indeed and feels as if it is escalating and spiraling..


    • and the more we ignore it the worse it gets. I wish we had a few more politicians who didn’t primarily see it as an opportunity to push their own agendas.

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  6. This kind of hatred and terror just feeds off itself and keeps growing and growing. it is truly a sad sad world. I use to email with a gentleman who worked for counter intelligence and he said it is amazing how little information we are really aware of that is not released. Of course he could never go into specifics. So i do believe it, we only know the tip of the iceberg.


  7. So , today we are Kabul..right Mr. A?


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