All I can say is thank G-d Richard Armitage didn’t take a tonsure

Behind the scenes, Pilgrimage (2015).


~ by Servetus on July 25, 2016.

16 Responses to “All I can say is thank G-d Richard Armitage didn’t take a tonsure”

  1. Das wäre auch zuuuu arg 😂


    • he did say that one time that he’d rather shave his head for a role than gain weight — bullet dodged, I would say.


  2. Is that RA in the bottom centre picture?


  3. We can really count our blessings. 😉
    I definitely prefer him with hair… And he’s funny and cute in the bottom centre photo.

    Thank you, Servetus, for a happy moment in an otherwise not so great day.


  4. Nice to see some fun bts. BTW – did they have some fun with RA’s stubble while they were at it, messing with the electric razor on Stanley Weber’s tonsure? Looks as if he has stubble on cheeks and neck but not on his chin?


  5. Dudes! That’s Stanley Weber! Oh, man, wait until the Outlander fans get a load of this! (He’s the Compte De St Germain during the second season.)


    • Yes, Fatima! I got very excited! This is going to be at the top of my list to see in theatres! He was a very good (bad guy) character in Outlander, and played it perfectly. Stanley Weber was never on my radar before then….


  6. I am pretty sure that’s him smiling in the fifth picture.


  7. Holy sh**avemaster! That tonsure looks really…äh…unique :mrgreen:


  8. well, at least they had fun behind the scenes 🙂 we’ll see how the looks work on screen 🙂 I wonder a lot about the tone of this: dark muddy and wet or exciting ..


    • It’s supposed to be an action thriller. It has all my favourite elements besides my favourite bloke: Irish backdrop, Medieval setting, monks, swords, chain mail, faith versus sword. Bring. It. On.


  9. LoL! Truly!😃


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