Was ist los, Deutschland?

Würzburg, München, Reutlingen, Ansbach. I’m thinking of you all.

~ by Servetus on July 25, 2016.

27 Responses to “Was ist los, Deutschland?”

  1. Gute Frage. Als entwickle sich da eine gewisse Eigendynamik. Soll nicht verschwörerisch klingen. Aber der ganze negative Dreh aus den Vorgängen setzt bestimmt auch bei manchen Tätern erst etwas in Bewegung.


  2. denken an sie meine europäischen Freunde.
    Hope I have written this correctly.


  3. Ich hab gerade letzte Woche in Ansbach meine Klausuren für’s 1. Theologische Examen geschrieben. Würzburg war so surreal, München furchtbar und jetzt das…


  4. Kaum hatte ich heute morgen das Radio an – schon wieder eine solche Nachricht! Gestern hatte ich das mit Ansbach nicht mehr mitgekommen, weil ich keine Nachrichten mehr an mich ran gelassen hatte.
    Es kommt einem tatsächlich so vor, als ob alle zur Tat schreiten würden, die auch nur im Entferntesten mal dran gedacht hatten. Als hätte es so eine Art Startsignal gegeben für all die Irren da draußen…


  5. I’ve been away for a week. In that short period of time, so many horrendous atrocities have been committed 😪❤️☮


  6. I wonder if this feeling of “another one” is partly due to the media and the “hype” (for a lack of a better word) they tend to create these days. There have always been suicidal people who went on killing sprees. But of course there is overall more tension across the world and so far I don’t see governments doing anything about other than creating more chaos. Also, the increasing xenophobic and islamophobic comments on social media from people feeling the need to comment are not helping, let alone those parties like AfD which exploit those incidents for their own scaremongering etc..


    • feeling of NOT ANOTHER ONE AGAIN


    • These attacks by Muslims in Europe and many other places are increasing in frequency, and all you have to say is people are being “islamophobic” in response? So now it’s irrational to fear or criticize an ideology that is changing the world for worse and raining down hell on your own society?


    • it’s really awful in the U.S. at the moment. The belief that there is some kind of fifth column here is crazy.

      Tonight at the DNC a man from UAE spoke. He is a citizen, immigrant, and came with his family many years ago, including his son, who volunteered for the US military and was killed in Iraq. He pointed out that Donald Trump has never made a sacrifice for anything and asked him if he knew what is in the Constitution. It was a really moving speech and I think he spoke from the heart for a lot of Muslims who are just as American as anyone else and are now subjected to constant abuse. It’s not fair and it’s no way to live. It’s hardly surprising if a few people crack under the pressure.


  7. At lunch time a doctor was shot (and sadly killed) by a patient (?) at a university hospital in Berlin. The murderer then committed suicide. Another horrid crime. These news were all over the internet within minutes and I read tweets posted by English media about the possibility of it being another terrorist attack. In my view none of the recent horrid attacks in Germany were terrorist attacks which doesn’t make them any better or easier to bear. It’s all so very very sad and as was mentioned above, I also think that all these attacks (including the terrorist attacks) play an important part in causing others who are sick in their minds to commit yet other attacks… A vicious circle 😦


    • Yes, I read that too. The current modus operandi of the media appears to be “Let’s speculate first and not wait for evidence/facts” (Munich’s police press officer is my hero when he replied during the q&a “We’re doing our job”) Unfortunately, the facts rarely make a similarly strong headline as the speculation. But maybe I lost my distance and see things too negatively at the moment.

      There has also been another situation in France (a priest was killed) and a suicide bombing in Somalia at a peacekeeping base. And another shooting in the US as well? (Has it always been this bad?) It makes my heart bleed.

      Sometimes I think “ignorance is (or could be) bliss” and that I need to step away from daily news. Not sure that would be a good approach though either.


  8. Thanks, aber man hat das Gefühl dass die Welt sich immer schneller dreht und die Verrückten, die mit aller Macht auf sich aufmerksam machen wollen, immer mehr werden ;-(


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