I’m more even more thrilled than I realized I would be #richardarmitage

Richard Armitage against a Berlin backdrop!

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 1.16.01 PM

~ by Servetus on July 27, 2016.

17 Responses to “I’m more even more thrilled than I realized I would be #richardarmitage”

  1. Es ist wie beim Pfeifferschen Drüsenfieber: du denkst es ist überstanden und dann flammt es urplötzlich wieder auf 😁


  2. Is he wearing 2 hats?


  3. It’s Modern AU Guy! 😉


  4. well, as i was looking at old old caps of Lucas and Thorin these days new images are like fresh water on the parched desert 🙂 And this is as a genre much more up my stream than other projects we are waiting for and in a series we will get sooooo much more of him than in 90 minutes of movie and well if it channels the old Jason Bourne vibe all the better as far as i’m concerned. Piggybacking on the current wave of publicity, i’m all for it! 😉

    I admit i have to fine tune my ear to it speech wise but it will settle down in the series compared to the trailer and i’ll get used to it, so far 3rd viewing i still don’t understand some lines (like what he says for example when she i think asks about the flight, all i keep getting is red light …) I have no problem with the station chief though and that is a great exchange anyway :-). I’ll give it another go.


    • Sorry i meant deputy chief and still don’t get more than ‘red eyes, -not light- and don’t agree’ and i don’t get much more than ‘give me 5 min’ from the other guy either. I don’t completely get the exchange at the metal detector either (the very short words exchanged – or is it just noncommittal sound?), but the music is loud, i did get his name and role the 2nd time round though. Let’s hope my slow language processor and brain will catch up with the dialogue.


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