New scene! Berlin Station goes after Jason Bourne audience #richardarmitage

Check it out, here.

~ by Servetus on July 27, 2016.

19 Responses to “New scene! Berlin Station goes after Jason Bourne audience #richardarmitage”

  1. Na, das wird doch langsam wieder …. Das könnte mich aus dem Fan-Koma holen 😆


  2. Oh God!! Wonderfuuuuuu


  3. Oi da, da freut man sich schon wenns dann die Deutschen sätze gibt =D


  4. Fantastic trailer! And first scene too! Very exciting! Richard is gorgeous .


  5. Yes, yes, looks excellent (both Richard and trailer). But 3 more months to see it, I am already impatient.


  6. Be still my beatin’ heart!! Richard in that suit and white shirt???? Love the look AND the trailer. I think this will be a fabulous series. Not sure how we will be able to see this in Canada but haven’t given up hope. fans self


  7. We are going on Friday night to see the Bourne film. I was so excited to see this and he can’t say I made him go just to see the trailer as it was his idea to go! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

    Hope all well xx


    • I wasn’t going to see that film but now maybe I will.

      Say hi to Rosie for me — hope all is well with you too.


      • Sadly no sign of it in our cinema in the uk.


        • that’s a shame — I know they saw it in California. What did you think of the film? I’ve been torn about going because I’ve heard it’s not good — but I haven’t seen any of the other ones anyway so I have no comparison.


          • We enjoyed it, we needed something that was going to keep us both awake after about a 70 hour week this week. We’ve seen them all and M’s RA equivalent, Julia Styles, is in it. It does jump around a lot but that is very much Paul Greengrass’ style. I thought the weak link was Alicia Vilkander, she just seems too young to be that high up in the CIA, but that could just be because I am getting older and everyone below 35 looks like a baby!


  8. The American accent is much improved from Gary. Rebecca did a good job. Mastering Francis probably helped a huge amount as well. The look is young and fit, perfect.


  9. Wow ! Awesome. This guy is, well, he’s hot 😉


  10. Most exciting. happy to have him in a series again!


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