Daniel Miller is an EU citizen even if Richard Armitage might not be

I’m kind of surprised that the CIA allows that. This tweet was originally taken from the BerlinStation.com website. Click on individual pictures to enlarge.



~ by Servetus on July 28, 2016.

8 Responses to “Daniel Miller is an EU citizen even if Richard Armitage might not be”

  1. OMG he’s shriveled. Byebye 6.2 1/3 🙄


  2. Daniel Miller speaks Russian (besides English, Spanish and Geman) like Lucas North. I wonder if the Russians (FSB, Russian mafia ) will be involved in the story as in ‘Spooks’. ☺


  3. That was the best surprise 🙂 i wonder what we will find out about his past, his potential connection to the city and so on.


  4. Brown eyes?!!! How could they dare put contacts over those deep blue pools?


  5. His character’s father is a US citizen so he would be also. My son daughter was born in Norway, mother is Polish and my granddaughter has dual citizenship until 18, then she can select either country for her citizenship. So, as you probably know there are circumstances that DM could be a naturalized US citizen. I just hope we can see his beautiful blues.


    • yes, if he has a parent who is a citizen, he is entitled to be a citizen (although I think I read recently that if the child was born outside the US, the parent who is a citizen has to have been resident in the US for at least five years). He doesn’t have to be naturalized, he simply applies for the passport. That wasn’t my question — it was whether the CIA would employ someone who is a dual citizen. Probably would depend on what the other citizenship was, but seems like a security risk to me.


  6. I cannot believe anyone would cover those eyes. It’s a sin.


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