Plans for international sales for Berlin Station?

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~ by Servetus on July 28, 2016.

14 Responses to “Plans for international sales for Berlin Station?”

  1. Please do not let it be Superchannel. Please do not let it be Movie Central. Please, please, please, please…


  2. I hope so!
    I’ve no alternative to see it and I think I’m not alone in this situation.😊


  3. Has anyone worked out yet whether we get to see it in the UK? Fingers crossed, wanting to see it so much!


  4. Will this make it accessible in many other countries besides the US I wonder? I’m in Canada so will be interested to see which (if any) of the TV channels I have access to will carry it. I really hope it will reach audiences world-wide! We really need to see this series for so many reasons! 😉


    • For the other countries I’ve no idea but, for Italy, the only news was that a broadcaster’s representative expressed positive opinions after the preview.
      This was few weeks ago, nothing more that I know, at the moment.


  5. Was he this active on social media regarding his other projects? It’s always good to see people committed to their projects. Also it’s interesting that The Americans showrunner is involved – Richard seems to be making a concentrated effort to work with acclaimed showrunners – not necessarily those who are popular commercially. I’ll be very happy if he hooks up with the Fargo’s Noah Hawley who I think is awesome. Plus filming is just down the highway for me!


    • He did for the last Hobbit film but in comparison little for Hannibal apart from the ComicCon phase, which suggested to me that he was probably contractually obligated for the Hobbit. It surprised me a little that he didn’t live tweet a single Hannibal episode.


  6. My guess is that it will sell in other countries but that they will wait to see how it does before they buy in. Just a guess.


  7. That’s generally good news – the more successful / the more international sales the better since there might then be more seasons. But for those of us who live in country with dubbing (I hate it, hate it, hate it!!! – trying to breathe calmly for a moment 😉 we will still have to hope / wait for a DVD release for a proper version that includes his voice.


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