Richard Armitage finds whistleblowing topical

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~ by Servetus on July 28, 2016.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage finds whistleblowing topical”

  1. Great to see him excited about this! He looks great – can’t wait for LA press pics.


  2. If he is this excited I guess we will be ecstatic!! 😉


  3. Well, he does follow Snowden. Would be curious to know if it’s because he’s actually that radical, or if it was related to the role.


  4. I know what you mean. I love that he’s a liberal, it’s hard to love someone who has a completely opposing moral compass. However, admiring Snowden would be a whole different aspect to him that I don’t think I would care for.


    • I don’t think conservatives have a completely opposite moral compass of liberals, though. At least not automatically. Most liberals and conservatives care about exactly the same things and have many shared values. (even if the current race is distorting that). The problem isn’t Snowden’s politics, whatever they are; it’s that he thinks destruction is a preferable option to reform of the status quo.


      • Your right. Bad word choice. Of course they love their families and country, and have very strong morals. It’s just the means to the ends that differ. As far as Snowden, there is a difference between being a whistleblower, and divulging information which is both top secret and endangers people serving this country. That’s not the same as if he worked for a corporation that was poisoning the public.


        • I just think that we can’t legitimate or praise the revelation of private materials only because they sometimes expose the troubling activities of people with whom we disagree. Everyone has a right to private communication, and really, government can’t function without some kind of privacy or secrecy. If everything had to be exposed 100% to the light of day at all times, many peace treaties would never be signed. It is in our interest to protect privacy and secrecy (insofar as protected by law) of government institutions. When someone thinks they know better than our social consensus about privacy (which is very weak in the US anyway), that is a problem.


      • I would like to apologize. I’ve been thinking about this. I allowed my dislike of Trump and his nonsense to seep under my skin, and make me unkind to the vast majority of conservatives. Although they may have different opinions than I do, they are still good people. I know most of them don’t want him either. They just don’t want Hillary.


        • As most Republicans would tell you, Trump isn’t really a conservative. Trump explodes the categories and that makes him (like Snowden) uniquely dangerous in a way that a conservative politician whose policies I don’t like (Mike Pence, say) is not. Conservatives — significantly — tend to believe in following the established rules. That is not something we can say of Trump.


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