Gratuitous Richard Armitage Berlin Station screencap

Screen shot 2016-07-29 at 12.53.56 AM

~ by Servetus on July 29, 2016.

12 Responses to “Gratuitous Richard Armitage Berlin Station screencap”

  1. Don’t know why, but this pic reminds me Thornton when he was going home frustrated after Margaret refused his marriage proposal…


  2. Love the gratuitous screencaps 🙂

    Not so long ago, I discovered your blog and I must say I find it very interesting. And funny ! Keep on the good work ! 🙂


  3. Thank you for all the information. I wouldn’t know where I would otherwise find it. You seem just as enthusiastic about this project as RA – Could it have something to do with Berlin 😉
    I hope, hope, hope I will get to see this series at some point. Hopefully, one of my available programmes decides to purchase it. It puts me in the same predicament as many other commenters here.
    Only today I read an article in a Danish newspaper regarding the Bourne franchise (the latest movie is opening here in a few days), and how it impacted on the development of the Bond movies. The article mentioned something about other spy stories in the making. It could be read to refer to new Bourne films in the pipeline or it could refer to BS, I don’t know. It does indicate, however, that there is a significant (renewed?) market for spy stories.
    BTW it looks as though there’s a shadow/plaster (band-aid) on the bridge of RA’s nose?


    • Berlin and the fact that there are 10 weeks of it, and this is the first one ever that will come to me in my living room with no extra effort and at very little cost. All the contortions over years of how to view British tv have made me grateful for this.

      I don’t see a bandaid, but this was literally a quarter of a second in the clip.


  4. God bless that profile! It’s like “the face that launched a thousand ships!”


  5. How can any screencap of Mr. A be gratuitous? Impossible. 🙂


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