Is Richard Armitage going to articulate a position about privacy, secrecy, politics, and the technology revolution?

This tweet just now plus his follow of Glenn Greenwald earlier suggest that he might have something say.

Screen shot 2016-07-28 at 6.55.30 PM

Screen shot 2016-07-28 at 6.57.31 PM

~ by Servetus on July 29, 2016.

13 Responses to “Is Richard Armitage going to articulate a position about privacy, secrecy, politics, and the technology revolution?”

  1. It’s interesting that he is following hulu as well as Sling. I have hulu, and Epix is one of the networks whose programming they offer. I have been wondering if BS might be available on there, even if slightly delayed. I’m hoping it will, but I’m just not sure, as original programming is new for Epix.


    • Excellent! Perry has posted on AA that it will be streamed on hulu, with a three month delay. It will be important for fans able to see it in real time to try to avoid spoilers for everyone in both th U.S. and outside of it who will be on a delay. I know, that will be nearly impossible.


      • If what happens this time is what happened last time with the time delay (Spooks), the people who saw it in real time labeled their stuff with spoiler alerts and people could stay away from things they didn’t want to see. However, Twitter may be a lot harder this time around. In 2010 there weren’t that many Armitage fans on Twitter.


        • Personally, I often binge entire seasons, or even series after they’ve ended, so I don’t mind knowing ahead. I just think some people would be really disappointed since it’s a spy thriller.


          • No doubt. Which is why people protect post and threads with “spoiler” tags — and why people who don’t want to see spoilers need to protect themselves as well. For example, at some point this summer I will probably put up a post here that says “I’ve reached spoiler maximum and don’t want any more info about it till it happens.” All fandoms have developed mechanisms for dealing with this problem.


  2. The topic is big everywhere at the mo. Was just looking at the ‘Mr Robot’ promo, which touches similar themes but in the corporate world rather than a spy setting (which I find even scarier).
    As for hulu, sling etc. – I still haven’t figured out whether those services are all available outside the US. I am not really keen on spending 150€ on a set top box though…


    • the people who produced Mr. Robot (of which first season was fantastic) are also involved in this, interestingly.


      • Oh, that’s an interesting piece of news! Haven’t seen Mr Robot, just been working with some documents…


        • It’s the only fictional drama that has held my attention in 2016 (I did watch the OJ drama, but obvs that’s not fictional). I thought it was really spellbinding.


    • I did notice Sling is available on fire tv, Romulus, and in several other forms. Go to their website, and it lists quite a few.


  3. Auto correct, sorry. Not Romulus, Roku.


  4. This particular tweet I had trouble understanding…. in what sense was a technology EVER more powerful than the people behind it?? I assume those “people” would be the developers, programmers who created it? Any thoughts, interpretations?


    • Yeah. The literal meaning of this tweet is such a non-starter that I decided I didn’t want to comment on it. Perhaps he means something that I can’t discern within the 140 char he had to express what he was trying to say.

      I think intelligence services are definitely in a different space than they were twenty years ago, though (this is something that Olen Steinhauer’s novels certainly point out).


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