Do you like Richard Armitage supersuperlative better in black and white?

Image ref 5810055E. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Image ref 5810055E. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.



~ by Servetus on July 31, 2016.

21 Responses to “Do you like Richard Armitage supersuperlative better in black and white?”

  1. No. Too dark to see enough of him 😉

  2. If you go there
    there are 2 HQ versions of the photos and many others.

    • Here not there…😠
      I’m sorry 😡

    • Thanks. I try to put only watermarked versions of photos like this on my site as I have not purchased rights to own or distribute. My rules are a little flexible, insofar as I will usually put unwatermarked versions up later, after their resale value is over — but in the first hours after an event like this, the photographer stands to gain the most from selling them and I don’t like to facilitate any interference with that. I’m not perfect and what I do is certainly not legal but I try to avoid gross violations on my own terms.

      • I do not know how to behave with the publication of the photos, but the rules here are yours , and I respect them.

        • I honestly didn’t think about it much until Guylty co-blogged with me for a awhile and I learned now she felt about it — she’s a photographer. There was also a scare about three years ago when a photographer sent a Cumberbatch fan site manager a bill for photos that made a lot of us think. And another blogger got a DMCA takedown notice, if I recall correctly. Regular reminders that we are operating on the margins of legality at best.

  3. Ich mag es, wenn man seine blauen Augen würdigen kann 🙂
    Er sieht aber in jedem Fall guuuuut aus… die neuen Bilder sind wirklich wie eine Frischzellenkur.

    • Eine Frischzellenkur: Thank you mister botox or miss makeup artist, his forehead seems so smooth and shiny as his teeth were in his last famous selfie Brilliant sunshine!
      When his birthday will happen, it will be necessary to put the countdown back to front as in the movie ” l’Etrange histoire de Benjamin Button”

      • I think if you look closely at the pictures taken yesterday, you will see that many of them have lines on his eyes, including under-eye lines, which are unprecedented.

        • Sure 🙂 He does not wear a mask on all the tracks of time

        • Mit “Frischzellenkur” meinte ich die “belebende” Wirkung dieser Bilder auf mein Fandasein und meine Begeisterung. Keinesfalls wollte ich schönheitstechnische Maßnahmen bei Herrn Armitage andeuten. Frau muss wirklich sehr aufpassen, was sie hier schreibt… 😉

          • Höhö, Obacht, vollvermintes Gelände 😂 Aber das mit der Nase ist schon ein offenes Geheimnis und das retuschieren von Selfies ja auch a la mode….

            • Auch ich habe mittlerweile (tuschelhintervorgehaltenerHand) von “der Sache mit der Nase” gehört…
              Aber ich war bei “Frischzellenkur” vollkommen arglos. Kannste mal sehen. Ist Dampf auf dem Kessel…
              Schön das mal live mitzuerleben. Bisher war ich ja für die großen Ereignisse zu spät dran.

              • This was fun — calm in comparison to a Hobbit premiere, which is actually kind of nice. The Hobbit premieres kind of stressed me out. But we should have a nice stream of stuff all the way through the run of Love, Love, Love — I really enjoy that.

                • Ja, ich beginne zu verstehen, was du meinst. 🙂
                  Es ist wirklich schön, so viel Neues betrachten zu können und die allgemeine Freude und Aufregung mit euch zu teilen. Bei mir hier vor Ort nimmt von all diesen “wichtigen” Ereignissen tatsächlich kein Mensch Notiz. Kaum zu glauben…

                  • In a weird way, I enjoy that piece of it. This idea that I have a secret life that most people around me don’t know about or understand the dimensions of.

  4. Absolutely I LOVE these pictures. ❤ Second (no watermarks;-)) is my wallpaper in the cell.

  5. I love the black and white too but the colours in these photos are just beautiful. He is have a good hair day too.

  6. I have been staring at those the whole day! ❤

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