For Berlin Station hopefuls, Dish Network seems to have EPIX as well

Here. Please confirm this with someone who knows, though.

~ by Servetus on July 31, 2016.

18 Responses to “For Berlin Station hopefuls, Dish Network seems to have EPIX as well”

  1. From everything I can find, EPIX will be available on Dish – at the very least, Dish App, and therefore I think, all Dish platforms. But it is new info.


    • it’s odd that no one is advertising it.


      • I think EPIX, DIsh and others will start soon. Dish is a Satellite service as opposed to cable, like Time Warner, Optimum and others I don’t know the names of. Direc-TV, another satellite op, cancelled Dish when it’s agreement was over, but some experts think it may pick it up again. The ads would be on the EPIX networks, on those carriers that have EPIX, and maybe their parents/partners, like Paramount TV, The CW, Viacom stations, etc, would also advertise for EPIX – i.e. ” Tell your TV provider you want EPIX.” Also, I think, based on his tweet about Dish, ( as well as Sling, earlier) that Dish may start advertising it soon, because it may be a premium channel on Dish.
        Also, for Canadians, and this is just a guess – try checking out Shaw Satellite service. It’s in EPIX’s interest to get their network on as many carriers as possible, so deals may be in the works right now that we haven’t heard about. I’m certain this is the case for foreign markets. If TMI, sorry – but I have been trying to figure out the foreign market possibilities for a couple of weeks, as well. My guess is it will be aired in most markets – but not as early as on EPIX in the US, and, most likely as a premium ( extra $$) channel. I recently read that Paramount just settled its part of the anti-trust broadcast case with the EU, so this also opens up more possibilities for Europe, but again, as a premium channel.
        These new scripted series for EPIX, and more like them, if they are successful, could push EPIX into a position equal or similar to HBO , SHOWTIME and STARZ – because until now, it was just another movie network with the occasional comedy or music special, and one documentary series about the NHL.


        • Sorry – I meant to say Direc-TV did not renew its carriage deal with EPIX, not Dish.


        • This is really interesting. You should blog about it. I’m only kind of tangentially interested (if I can see it, I tend not to be worried about others as much, rather egotistically), but the article you posted elsewhere was really interesting.


          • I don’t know if you recall the first topic you suggested I might think about blogging about. LOL.
            Seriously, though, I have been trying to put a post together for a few weeks on this topic: how to watch here, chances of seeing it elsewhere and when, etc. The only subject I have not written about outright, is how to watch it if you can’t watch it. And, I thought maybe I could get away with a comment instead. But, still working on it. I don’t have all my research together.
            One thing to consider is that although EPIX, right now, is not carried in any foreign countries, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their content and property “Berlin Station” can’t be sold to some foreign outlet. I’m sure that is one of the ways that Hannibal ( though independently produced) wound up on AMC/LatinAmerica, so that it was available in Mexico one month after it started in the US. We also get, here in Mexico, the CW network, which is owned by Paramount and/or Viacom/CBS. And Paramount has a channel of its own ( just movies, usually). It’s all these partnerships that make it complicated – but also likely that it will show up in foreign markets.


            • I actually don’t. (should I wince?)

              The whole “how to watch it if you can’t watch it” thing is such a laden topic that I tend to save it for private conversations. I saw Mulubinba saying yesterday that she’d gotten rapped on the knuckles for implying she was going to use that method. It surprises me how people can be on that topic. Honestly, half of the American fandom was watching Spooks and Strike Back when they couldn’t watch them back in the day. I just hesitate to be the person who instructs the whole fandom in how to do it.


              • Yes. That’s what I mean I have hinted in comments. I don’t want the blow back on the one hand, on the other, I hate the idea that fans can see it, and don’t know it. But a VPN, that’s a different matter, if peole are willing to pay the $$ for SLING and HULU.Also, I am not certain, until the time comes, that this will show up the way other shows do, sometimes within an hour or two – but with all the press, I am hoping so. It’s my main hope – though, I have the option on Sling for $ 75 for three months – which I would do. What can say? If I could pay a cable company to get it – I would.


              • The first topic? Er, Richard Armitage.


                • Hmmm. Well, at least you haven’t been bored. 🙂

                  I feel like that is the key with all of this stuff. I would pay a reasonable price for it rather than jump through seventy five hoops to see it illegally.


                  • I feel that way, too. With the two free episodes, I figure I can get away with just two months of Sling for $ 50.00 – and who knows, maybe I’ll like Sling and keep it.


            • Maybe I should just write a post about what a VPN is.


  2. I have Dish Network and Epix is a pay option. it’s not in the program package that I have but we often view that channel when they have free weekends. after finding out that Berlin Station was going to air on Epix though, I ordered it and am now eagerly awaiting October 🙂


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