Some stole Richard Armitage’s schnitzel. Poor guy.


But he’s mastered the rules for capitalization in German.

~ by Servetus on July 31, 2016.

7 Responses to “Some stole Richard Armitage’s schnitzel. Poor guy.”

  1. Yep! Extraordinaire! ….and the ‘tz’ in Schnitzel !! 😉


    • I wonder if Michelle was watching.


      • Lol … Maybe it was a Seitan schnitzel?

        He’s so sweet and enthusiastic about this project that it’s ratcheting up my enthusiasm, too.

        Also is he just naturally flirty with costars?


        • I think he’s very much mastered the rule of looking intensely at whoever is speaking in group interviews. (I’m reminded of SDCC 2012 when he turned his gaze on Philippa Boyens at the ET interview [I think] and for days people were saying “I wish he would look at me like that”.) He also did this when he was a background player, e.g., in Cleopatra. He was always watching what was happening in the scene.


      • Lol


  2. I have my mind in the gutter on this one.
    (Sorry – not sorry) 😜


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