They may not have foreign sales yet but you can’t say they aren’t trying

Since yesterday I have seen reports on yesterday’s EPIX presentation in French, Spanish and Turkish. (No, I don’t read Turkish.) I wonder how hard they are working on Germany given Steinhauer’s remarks.

~ by Servetus on July 31, 2016.

10 Responses to “They may not have foreign sales yet but you can’t say they aren’t trying”

  1. As I mentioned in a previous, ridiculously long comment, – I think they’re working hard. This is the article I mentioned previously If the others settle, there is more of a chance for EPIX to become available through some of the carriers mentioned – and Paramount (and Viacom) have their own channels as well. I


    • my very vague impression is that EPIX has been pretty cagey so far in a really crowded environment. They haven’t rushed things. I hope for Armitage’s sake that this is their moment.


      • You mean Epix started promotion late and/or it’s not massive enough?


        • no, rather that they started their network at a sort of unfortunate moment, in the middle of a recession that made people unlikely to want to buy additional entertainment. They have always wanted to do original series, but have delayed various aspects of their plan until they thought they could be successful, rather than rushing them and failing. They are competing on content, i.e., they are trying to provide the most attractive content rather than playing with the price structure, which would jeopardize their continued existence. They’ve been slow but smart. I just hope this is the point at which the audience is there for these series and that they do a good job of finding it and bringing those people in.


  2. Here’s the earlier comment:


  3. Have mercy! Today, I have 27 messages from you. Yesterday, there were 19 remaining after reading and deleting some. You need some sleep.T


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