Well, we can admit the American spooks dress better than the British ones anyway


~ by Servetus on July 31, 2016.

9 Responses to “Well, we can admit the American spooks dress better than the British ones anyway”

  1. Das kannst du aber laut sagen! Mir tränen jedesmal wieder die Augen, wenn ich diese fiese Billigkonfektion sehe.


  2. Like the picture. Only Mishka Forbes looks odd with her vacant stare. Sorry, i’m not huge fan of her


  3. Oh, that’s a nice one!!!


  4. UK Government agents don’t get paid fortunes (check out salary expectations at https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/intelligence-analyst) so dressing Spooks characters in expensive designer gear would be totally unrealistic.


    • I think Armitage said something to that effect while he was making Spooks (“I don’t think they can afford Belstaff” or something like that). However, neither do US civil servants. They tend to be comfortably middle class, although there is usually some kind of bonus for living abroad (I assume that UK civil servants also get some kind of expenses or salary subsidy related to cost of living, it’s a fairly standard thing for a lot of diplomats or secret service people). That said — I certainly noticed this with regard to the US/Germany comparison — the expected standard of dress in a US office is simply a tick higher. It doesn’t mean the clothes are more stylish or more expensive, just that the level of formality expected is slightly greater.


      • Thus making them more conspicuous?


        • If you work in an office in the US (and I’m sure if you work in the US embassy) you are expected to maintain a certain level of dress that marks you as an office worker. Suitcoat, tie, dress shirt and trousers for men; pantssuit or skirt, jacket, dress blouse for women, with the appropriate shoes in these case. It’s pretty standard and I assume that is why these characters are all wearing it. In most circles in the U.S. and in U.S. institutions worldwide, this would make you less rather than more conspicuous.

          If Daniel Miller walked into the US Embassy in Berlin regularly in a Belstaff jacket he would look out of place, but somehow that is perfectly acceptable attire for the spooks in London. The point is — and this is all I was trying to say, really — is that Americans who work in office settings don’t wear jeans or casual styles to work. Incidentally, I had an office in Mitte (where the embassy is, although closer to the east end of Unter den Linden than the embassy) and this is also how the vast majority of people who have offices around there (Auswärtiges Amt, etc.) dress.


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