If you say so

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~ by Servetus on August 1, 2016.

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  1. It could have been worse for you … Susan Sarandon was supposed to be the female lead in the Nick Nolte show!

    But Richard Jenkins is an awesome actor.


  2. LOL. Great header. I do get the Norman Lear part though. Nick Nolte’s best days were quite some time ago, I think.


    • I was thinking maybe the last thing I remember him in was “Prince of Tides.” The book was better, but I always think that. Oh, and “Hotel Rwanda.”


  3. Ya, movies here and there. I guess I remember him best from the Rich Man, Poor Man miniseries in 1976.


    • I was 7 … I just looked and saw he was nominated for an Oscar for Prince of Tides. Honestly, I don’t remember the movie being that good. But Pat Conroy was a favorite 20th c. author of mine.


      • Well, I was only 13. Lol. I knew when I wrote it that you would have been too young. I remember loving it though. I read the book at the same time. That was the age of great miniseries. I really didn’t like the movie Prince of Tides, but I didn’t love the book either, so it was the story more than the acting. He does still do movies though. I think he did one recently with Robert Redford.


        • I think i still had to go to bed at 8 when I was 7. My parents might have seen it. I should ask dad. But of course, there are all kinds of actors whom we watch long after their careers are over. I’m not sure Nick Nolte will be one of them.

          I felt like every Pat Conroy book had a crazy OTT moment and the Prince of Tides was probably the worst of them in that regard. I still really enjoyed his works, though, although I don’t think he’s going to be on the list of all time American classic authors either.


  4. Nick Nolte is still one of the greatest actors in my book. He was great as Jack Reinhold in Gracepoint, the America version of Broadchurch with David Tennant. But what most remember for is 48 HRS, and Another 48 HRS with Eddie Murphy, Down and Out of Beverly Hills, The Thin Red Line, Afflictions, Warriors, Lorenzo’s Oil, and etc. I guess the list could go on and on. The man should have one numerous awards.

    Norman Lear is a genius. Without him, I don’t think television would have been as good. He is a true pioneer in the television industry. He created some of the most classic sitcoms in All in the Family, The Jefferson, Maude, Sanford and Son, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

    Richard Jenkin is RA’s co-star, but I personally don’t think he’s in the same league as Nick Nolte and Norman Lear. To me Richard Jenkins is more of a supporting player in movies and television. He is a good actor, except he does really jump out at me as anything. Before Berlin Station, I barely recognized his name unless I saw some of work. Oh wait, I do remember him as Will Ferrell’s dad in the comedy Step Brothers with John C. Reilly and Mary Steenburgen. Sorry, I’m not trying to knock the man’s work. I just don’t in the same standing with the other two greats.

    Anyhow, it’s RA’s opinion and I will respect his ideals of greatness in the film and television industry. He is allowed idolize whoever he wants.


    • I didn’t see any of the Nolte movies you mentioned. Several are Eddie Murphy pieces and I never liked his work. I agreed re: Norman Lear (see above).

      But my goodness. Did I ever say he wasn’t allowed to idolize whoever he wants? He can idolize Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe for all I care, I’m a separate person and I’m not bound by his opinions.

      You and I have been through this before: I don’t have to agree with everything Richard Armitage does, thinks, says, believes. Respecting Richard Armitage does not mean I have to agree with him 100% of the time. Others may; I don’t. The “respect” card means nothing to me, just so you know. People earn my respect. Nick Nolte hasn’t. In case you didn’t know, he’s also a convicted felon, a serial adulterer and probably a drug addict, as well as being what I would call a general loser. And apparently some people think he can act.

      If you need further elaboration of the conceptual point, though, please see this post: https://ancientarmitage.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/verbum-latinum-hodie-non-intelligere-populo/comment-page-1/#comment-11706

      In case you didn’t realize, I find it really frustrating to go over this ground with you again and again. Consider this a friendly invitation not to read my blog anymore.


  5. Sorry for I meant won, not one.


  6. While I find it likeable (and typical) that Richard Armitage shows this kind of respect for other actors, I don’t share it with regard to Nick Nolte. I never saw him as a great actor (good, yes, in some roles), and what he does with regard to his private life (drinking etc.) is something that I can’t respect at all. But like you said, it should be possible to not agree with him in this.

    And thank you for the link, servetus. That was a really interesting text with great responses. I saw a lot of me in that since within a pretty short time of joining the fandom I’ve seen so much intolerance and verbal aggression against anyone not following what some individuals see as the only appropriate way of being a fan / thinking / expressing your opinions etc. that it really makes you think about whether or not you should actually stay actively involved. And if you do, self-censorship strikes since you don’t want that hassle and ugliness… So I appreciate the fact that it’s possible to openly discuss and even be critical here.


    • I also think one can like an author’s acting / work and not respect their private life. It’s just in the case of Nolte that his private life is most of what I know about him.

      Glad the link was helpful. Honestly, there used to be less policing. I put this down to Twitter, frankly.


  7. Servetus, you already know my opinion on this. In Richard’s fandom, as in life, it is possible to love Richard without agreeing with everything he says or does.


  8. Did you know one presidential debate that conflicts with the NFL is during the Packers/Giants game?


  9. Well, pretending the NFL sent him a letter complaining about didn’t work. NFL said never happened.


  10. J’ai l’impression que ses acteurs appartiennent à une même communauté de pensée, qui ne serait pas trop éloignée de celle de monsieur Armitage. Richard Armitage semble avoir avec eux assez “d’atomes crochus” pour apprécier leur compagnie .
    En tout cas, mon premier crush ou crash cinématographique et spirituel fut sur un film, où apparaissaient entre autre Nick Nolte, Richard Jenkin et Susan Sarandon. J’en avais perdu l’appétit. Il en avait résulté 7 kilogrammes de moins sur la balance et une remise en question personnelle. Comme quoi à chacun ses crushs! Désolée.
    Connaissant votre culture cinématographique, je vous laisse deviner le titre du film en question.


    • I have the impression that these actors belong to the same community of thought, which would not be too distant from Mr Armitage’s. Richard Armitage seems to have with them enough “things in common” to appreciate their company.
      In any case, my first film and spiritual crush or crash was on a movie, where appeared among others: Nick Nolte, Richard Jenkin and Susan Sarandon. I had lost appetite. The result from it was 7 kilograms less on the balance and personal questioning. Every one has different crushs! Sorry.
      Knowing your film culture, I let you guess the title of the movie in question.


      • sorry bathroom scale not balance


      • Everyone has different crushes: nothing to be sorry about; it’s entirely normal.


        • Merci professeur. Trop de fautes d’orthographe, non seulement en anglais, mais aussi en français ( ces acteurs et entre autres), je suis définitivement irrécupérable! Etait-ce l’heure tardive ou bien la défaillance progressive et inéluctable de mes neurones à la cinquantaine bien casée?


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