Slightly crazed Richard Armitage selfie from weibo



~ by Servetus on August 1, 2016.

15 Responses to “Slightly crazed Richard Armitage selfie from weibo”

  1. I would say drunk and slightly cheeky. Like maybe he told someone off (politely of course) and is feeling pleased with himself.

    • I admit that if I had to do this (take a selfie in front of a picture promoting one of my projects), I’d feel like a total idiot. The whole thing is bizarre. I don’t really get the selfie impulse, though. I’ve only ever taken one of myself, in front of St Peter’s Basilica, and only because I was there by myself and didn’t want to ask a stranger to take the picture.

  2. Never thought I would use this word to describe Richard, but it’s a little creepy.

    • lighting makes it look ominous, I think.

    • I think the lighting has a lot to do with the ‘creepy’. Like when you hold a flashlight under your face in the dark to make yourself look scarey. But, RA can creep on me anytime!

  3. i love the creepy sexiness Mr. Richard Armitage is showing. his selfie reminded me of a vampire in this movie,30 days of night with josh harnett. and a little bit of hugh jackman’s character from van helsing. Love it.

    • Now, there’s a thought. What would Richard playing a vampire be like? Modern, black leather or lovely suits vampire with some wild nape curls, I would gladly fall under that spell.

      • check out the fan initiative to have him play Matthew Clairmont — they did some fan art as I recall.

  4. The face of a man who has had enough of the press tour and wants to back home! It’s a pretty half-assed effort!

  5. I’d call that a perfectly normal selfie! For me nothing creepy about it. That’s how we normal people do look most of the time on our self-taken pics, right??? 😉 Probably just some coloured lights in the red carpet lobby and Richie likes to play around as we all know….. Nonetheless I like it.
    Come to think of it… I’m still deeply impressed how fast and unceremoniously Richard took that selfie in front of the film audience in Leeds – it needed only 5 seconds, one click! And it turned out close to parfit!!!! 😀

    • No offense to you if you like it. If I took a selfie that made me look slightly like an ax murderer, though, I wouldn’t tweet it to 200K people or however many followers he has on weibo.

      • He just went with the spookiness !! LOL (Prob thought there is too much handsomeness aired that day anyway!)

  6. Amazing how lighting can effect a photo, have always been fascinated by it. However, regarding the “selfies” I am sure he is not always by himself lol..must just be something he likes.

    • From other pics I have seen it looks like this “entryway” into the party was supposed to create a feeling of edginess in general.

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