So maybe LA premiere of Berlin Station is scheduled for end of September (blackout days for LLL) #richardarmitage

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~ by Servetus on August 1, 2016.

8 Responses to “So maybe LA premiere of Berlin Station is scheduled for end of September (blackout days for LLL) #richardarmitage”

  1. Sounds good ❤ Do you think he’s saying there will be an NYC premiere for Berlin Station too?


  2. No, I think he’s saying he’ll see us in NYC for the play and in LA for the Berlin Station premiere.


    • I wonder if he meant the play in NYC why then he tagged Epix and BS tweeter but didn’t tag RTC. Maybe there will be a promoting event for BS in NYC, e.g. special presentation for press.


      • I try to go for Occam’s razor whenever possible.

        This is how I read it. He lives in NYC, his next announced engagement is to do the play, there were the two days of September where the theater is dark that were otherwise inexplicable (they are not Jewish holidays, for instance, even though most theaters still play on those days). Iit doesn’t make a lot of sense to hold a TV premiere in NYC, it’s not a city that does as much as of that as LA, which is the center of the US tv and film industry. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of promotional events in NYC, but it takes 6 hours to fly from NYC to LA nonstop and you have to reckon in the 3 hour time difference flying East on the return so in two days he has about enough time to fly out there, do a premiere, and fly back, assuming no weather disasters or other catastrophes. As far as who he tagged, EPIX probably paid for this trip to LA, so it makes sense to make his final farewell with them tagged in it, and every fan is in the audience for that tweet as well and none of us were tagged. He was doing publicity for EPIX, he needed to tag them.


        • Occam’s razor, it’s a new expression to me. Get to know many interesting things reading your blog ☺
          Sounds very reasonable. Thank you for sharing it.


          • I can of course be wrong. I just try to keep the number of assumptions i have to make at a minimum based on things I know.

            re: Occam’s razor, it’s a good guard against conspiracy theories, of which a million are floating around the US right now, lol.


  3. Just meant to tell you much earlier that I love the new “eyes” above. Wonderful 🙂


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