Does Richard Armitage play video games?

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~ by Servetus on August 2, 2016.

8 Responses to “Does Richard Armitage play video games?”

  1. I hope he does. Because they’re a good way to unwind, because it would be something we have in common, and because it would mean he doesn’t take himself too seriously. 🙂


  2. i have a feeling Mr. Richard Armitage does play. Think about it, you never see him get angry. He might have a look on his face that says don’t bother me, but you know some fans are going to bother him, but Mr. Richard Armitage will be nice and talk with them, take pictures, etc. especially in his line of work between movies, t.v., plays, audiobooks, etc. and lets not forget all the interviews he has to do. So i do think he does play to help release his anger/frustrations, and maybe he just wants to be like some of us and be a kid/young at heart and not be so serious all the time.


  3. He seems to be in the right age group. I’m ten years older and grew up with Pong. The games that came after never hooked me.


    • He’s potentially in the Pong / Combat generation, too. Atari released its first home game system in 1977 when he was six. Of course, with tech even a six month period can be decisive.

      One thing that’s not clear to me is how those games distributed in England. Where I grew up, it was not that common to have one (we had one but my parents were always early adopters — we had a microwave 10 years before anyone else, too). We got ours in 1980 but they didn’t get really popular around here until a few years later. It cost $200 in 1977 in the US, which was not a small amount at the time.


      • I don’t know. All of the people I know who are a decade younger than I am are considerably more taken with video games than people my own age are.


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