Richard Armitage flirts with the virtual reality crowd

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~ by Servetus on August 2, 2016.

19 Responses to “Richard Armitage flirts with the virtual reality crowd”

  1. Love the fact that everyone adores working with him. Love the new banner too 😊

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  2. How nice of him.
    I wonder if he played Pokemon Go 🙂


    • I wonder, too 🙂 although like me he’s a little older than the cohort that played it first outside of Japan.


  3. He’s such a dork!

    I’ve such a hard time picturing what he’s like as a person – he has a lowbrow sense of humor (nothing wrong with that), a temper, awkwardness, ability to charm, dorkiness, interest in current events, smart but not intellectual, manners, no interest in sports, ambition, strong work ethic.

    Do you think there’s a piece of the puzzle missing which ties it together? because the characteristics I mentioned are generally assigned to him in fic – it’s a nice fantasy but I always feel like there’s something missing which is often covered up with self-insert characteristics – propensity to cry, awkwardness about sex, trauma in his past, shyness.

    Getting back to the post- So in creating this – I wonder did Richard have to model the actions? I’m assuming some voiceover.


    • Servetus is constantly on the qui vive for the answer to that question. Boy, would she like to know what explains it. If she ever figures it out, she’ll be able to quit.

      I think he did some voice over for the Hobbit video games, no? (I haven’t ever seen any of them) so I am guessing probably yes, voice over — and probably some filming of actions that go specifically with the platform.


    • Don’t you love that he’s a dork though? It makes him seem so much more accessible. I think he has many layers that have built up over the years, that make him who he is. It seems that he has adapted, learned, and maybe changed some of his opinions as he’s gotten older. I like that. It’s not a good thing if a person hasn’t evolved. Imagine if we were all the same as we were in high school.


      • Yes, the dorkiness is a desirable trait. none of the traits I’ve listed are criticisms – it’s just what he is (or, at least what he seems to be in public).

        In my case, I’m not sure about accessibility but they all make him more interesting to me.

        Do we have examples where he’s changed his mind on things. Of course, he probably has but I’m just wondering whether he’s actually revealed such changes to the public. Other than his height, of course; I’m aware he’s added a few inches!


    • A dork? Did I read correct? And how does the dorkiness appear, I’d like to know)


      • He develops a really strong preoccupation with things related to roles he’s playing, for instance, beyond the level that most actors will admit to in public. The example that pops into mind is a video interview for the Hobbit — either the first or the second film, I don’t remember — in which interviewees were asked to cite the most obscure piece of Tolkien / Hobbit / LOTR knowledge they had. His example was by far the most obscure — it clearly proved he’d not only read the Silmarillion (even though Boyens et al insisted they hadn’t because of their copyright situation) but remembered that particular detail that related to his own character’s story. He got a lot of dork street cred when that aired. Or we could cite his rather low brow humor and indeed his self-confessed inability to tell jokes and/or tendency to repeat them until they are dead.


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