Richard Armitage is always ahead of the game

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~ by Servetus on August 3, 2016.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage is always ahead of the game”

  1. I spy a Snorlax…

    • I read the funniest post on reddit last week written by a woman whose boyfriend had gone looking for Snorlaxes (Snorlaxa?) near the apartment of an old flame. She wanted to know if people thought he was cheating on her or not. She got that the Snorlax was important, but the old flame made her feel uncertain.

      Normally I don’t know what a Snorlax is.

      • I only know because i live with two advanced Pokemon-ers

        • If the nieces are playing Pokemon Go, I’ve yet to hear of it. (???)

          • All day long people are driving and walking in front of where I work – apparently in front of our building Pokemon’s are to be captured (not sure of the terminology, I’m totally not a gamer of any sort)

            • I think it’s called a Pokestop. Dad asked me the other day if there were any good places to capture Pokemon in our town and I had to google.

          • Oh no…we’ve been Pokemon-ing since way back…card collections, Gameboy, Pikachu birthday cakes, beach towels, lunch boxes….PokemonGo is just the latest incarnation

  2. Hmm, bet my girls won’t complain about being made to watch North and South quite so bitterly now? haha

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