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~ by Servetus on August 4, 2016.

34 Responses to “Interesting”

  1. VERY interesting.

  2. He likes to hear both sides. Makes him a good dinner companion if I had a fairy godmother and if those existed in real life.

  3. Angela Rye was in the news yesterday for getting Corey Lewandowski to shut up for two seconds. I think that’s explained by the fact that he appears to be a CNN watcher. (Also followed Axelrod).

  4. and Liz Mair called Trump a “loud mouthed dick” on CNN yesterday. So I have to disagree that he’s listening to both sides. These are two people from opposite sides of the political spectrum who agree that Trump should not be president, i.e., they are on the the same side. This does not surprise me; he may be pragmatist, moderate leftist / centrist but I don’t think he’s ever had any time for Trump.

    • I agree that he’s probably never had any time for Trump. “Politics makes strange bedfellows”. It seems many former adversaries are coming together in opposition to the Trumpster. Who knew Trump could be a uniter, not a divider? Uniting people in their dislike of him.

      • I saw in one poll today that the Libertarian candidate is polling at 12%. Poor GOP, but there may be a reason to watch the presidential debates after all.

        • I am looking forward to debates. And in my case, wouldn’t mind missing NFL games. Libertarian on stage or not, I can’t imagine they will be dull.

          • I think the first one will be interesting. And the VP one should be good.

            • I would love to watch it with a group. I picture “Animal House” with throwing mass quantities of popcorn and beer at the screen. Accompanied by politically incorrect extremely rude comments. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    • No, not since he pointed out the British slang use of Trump as passing gas lol.

  5. I am aware of Ms. Mair and her retort. (Oh dear lord this election gets weirder by the moment.)

  6. More interestingly (?), Armitage and Farber are just tandem-teasing on Twitter on the occasion of 2 years of Crucible…

    • Nothing is more interesting than politics 🙂

    • except maybe history 🙂

      • Political history? Double-whammy…

        • I’ve frequently thought this summer that I should be blogging about something else 🙂

          • Hm. Can I join the club? I feel slightly blogged out…

            • I’m very tired of Yael Farber, who seems to be a bit of a Johnny One Note.

              If I’m honest, I don’t have the energy to be a political writer. However, it seems like writing about politics is more critical than ever. Then again, there is no lack of it.

              • Have to admit I like Farber. Her topics tend to be right up my street. But then again, I don’t even follow her on Twitter, so I miss most of her communications, anyway.
                Re. Political writing – I’m definitely not made for analytical writing (or thinking), and I burnt my fingers on political agitation elsewhere, so I’m not going there. There a great writers out there. To read them is good enough for me. And tbh, I occasionally feel a Biedermeier-ish “retreat into privacy” coming at me… Too much bad news, probably. If this continues, I’ll probably switch over to food-blogging, soon…

                • She’s definitely one of those people where I think it’s better to watch the work but not listen to her too much. If their project is a Greek tragedy I will be excited. If it’s Salomé? Not sure. Mixed feelings.

                  re: Biedermeier — I think that is what will happen in the US if Trump is elected. I kind of already see it in certain parts of the Republican leadership. They are just determined to put their heads down and get through. But I couldn’t bea food blogger. Too much photographer 🙂

                  • Hehe, the food blogger quip was pure cynicism. I hate cooking. So if you ever see me writing a whole post on food, you will know that I have thrown in the towel…
                    With Brexit in Europe and Trump in the US, it is no wonder that politicians and public alike are frustrated and resigned. If it provides opportunity for quiet, intense contemplation, it may even serve a greater purpose…

                    • I love to cook. Maybe we should team up again, lol. But I understand food photography is specialty field in itself.

                      I can’t speak about Brexit, but I’m really afraid of what could happen if Trump becomes president of the US. I’m generally not a fan of activism — in my generation, it has harmed more than it has accomplished — but I think that if Trump becomes president I will have some serious questions to ask myself.

    • however, I posted it, so I’m the fool

    • They seem to do that now and then. Not expecting that announcement right away though.

  7. CNN is about as useful as Fox for the quality of programming.

    In fact, most tv news is garbage. Print and faux news is where it’s at!

    • CNN is not my news purveyor of choice for various reasons but it is false to equate it with Fox News. I also disagree about TV news being garbage. There are still important public affairs and news programs on the In the US. I personally think news “infotainment” (Colbert, Oliver, Stewart, Maddow) is a very large part of the current media problem in the US.

    • I realize that I didn’t state a reason for this. The problem with both Fox News and infotainment is that they cause us to jeer at each other. This process of delegitimating others’ opinions — whether done for fun or out of rage — is actively harmful to politics.

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