*rolls eyes*

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~ by Servetus on August 4, 2016.

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  1. T-t-t-teasers… But well, wouldn’t it be nice?
    PS: Somebody tell Richard that the .period is not necessary anymore 😉.

    • At this point, anyway, I’d probably at least try to see anything he’s in. But I have not much patience for teasers, and from what I’ve learned about her plays, they mostly seem to be about “fierce” people screaming at each other. Apart from the script, that was the most annoying bit of The Crucible, all the shouting all the time. I think it was enough at the point when I saw it, but she seems to have ramped it up for the video of the play. I get they had to be loud for the Old Vic Theatre, but someone needs to tell her that shouting is more effecting when the characters are occasionally quiet.

      I didn’t know that about the period myself, but then I never used it.

      • Shouting is a cheap trick. I don’t like it in theatre at all. The shoutiness of Crucible seemed to come and go over the course of the run – wasn’t really that bad when I first saw it.

        • The people I knew well (not fans) who saw it at the beginning of the run thought it had an interesting energy, but was too loud. It was kind of at the erge for me when I saw it, but the video is definitely louder. I think she came back and shouted at them to shout more.

          • It wasn’t that bad. You should meet my family. We shout at each other all the time even when we aren’t fighting.
            Anyways, it would be fun to see RA and Yael Farber work again.
            I’m hoping they do some Tennessee Williams. Maybe Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Lindsay Lohan doing a bad impression of Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie? And RA as Big Daddy?

            • I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to listen to family members shout. I can do it for free. My relationship with them is a rather different one.

              Armitage’s remark was “quite an ancient play.” So if you think 1955 is ancient, good for you.

      • Richard did too much shouting in the Crucible, so did others. True. Les Blancs was interesting. Still some shouting but not for the sake of shouting, if you know what I mean.
        I like her productions, well, the three that I have seen so far.
        But like with many people, she has a certain style that she always falls back on.

        The teasing is getting old 😉

        (What does the .@ in a tweet mean?)

        • “.” before an “@” makes the tweet visible in the feeds of all of your followers (or did — apparently this has changed?); otherwise only people who are tagged (“@”) in the post would see a tweet that started with “@.” This is irrelevant to me insofar as I don’t follow Armitage as part of my feed, but for those who read him in that way, it ensures that everyone sees a tweet to Yael Farber (in this case).

          re: style — I’ve only seen the one play but I’ve done more reading, watched a clip or two, etc., and it does all look very similar. That said, I can see that working really well for a Greek tragedy.

          I think the thing that gave me pause was something I read by an Indian commentator about “Nirbhaya,” who felt it was another in a long line of western feminists who “know better” than Indian. I have always had mixed feelings about the rhetoric of that type of argument, but it needs to be considered in evaluating that play.

  2. i just watched a classic movie called The Court Jester with danny kaye. I think that would be a great movie for Yael Farber to direct and Mr. Richard Armitage as the lead role. it has comedy, action, singing, and a little bit of dancing. Mr. Richard Armitage would be perfect for this movie.

    • I’d love to see him dance. Somehow, however, I don’t see that as Yael Farber’s kind of piece 🙂

      • No, I think she prefers the fight against oppression as a theme, the fight for freedom, feminism, how society works etc.. I don’t see her doing a light-hearted comedy tbh

      • I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in any musical theatre. Seems like a been there, done that thing. Being in a band in a movie was a whole different genre.

  3. i was just thinking, how about Anne of a Thousand Days that starred Genevieve Bujold, and Richard Burton. It would be great to see Mr. Richard Armitage play Henry the VIII(eighth).

  4. Who knows what those two have planned? Although I must say I get tired of his teasing us. Just spit it out already, Richard!

    • that’s basically how I feel. I find role teases endlessly annoying. I’d like to think about it once it’s a done deal.

  5. How about kindling some new fires in where YF and I live, Richard ? I’d like to see that happening in my hometown 🙂

  6. how do you say her name because I’m pronouncing it as Yale – ie university.

    But he shouldn’t tease productions unless he announces it within a day or so. Actors who are good on Twitter don’t do that.

  7. how about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or i just read this great book/books( 3 books altogether) by Paisley Swan Stewart called chanson de l’ange: orphan in winter( this is the first book), bleeding rose (second book) and angel’s song( third book) it is a epic retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. now this would be great to turn into a movie or play and Mr. Richard Armitage could play the Phantom

  8. She’s a bit over the top for me. I know lots of people like her and admire her talent, but the more I have taken glimpses of her work the more I see that everything she does sort of resembles the way she staged The Crucible. I have stopped reading any of her tweets because I find her a wee bit sanctimonious.

    • yeah, I just looked at her tweets today, blerg. Sanctimonious is a good description. Her political commentary is not thoughtful at all, it’s all just Trump-bashing. It’s a turn-off. Of course, she’s not a political commentator.

  9. Ganz schön neckisch die beiden Schlingel rollseyeseinmalkomplettrundherumtoo

  10. If my memory serves me they met in the beginning of the year in NYC. Maybe she was raising money for the project all this tine and has found it now. So they can talk about starting the project. And just slight details left to be settled. This winking face emoji in the end of RA’s tweet is encouraging, isn’t it? 🙂

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