Richard Armitage is reliably unflappable

Listen to him say “Twitter.” On the ongoing persistence of the rejection of the alveolar flap, see here.


~ by Servetus on August 5, 2016.

31 Responses to “Richard Armitage is reliably unflappable”

  1. And here i thought nothing could make Twitter really sexy for me… i was wrong.


  2. Kudos to him for keeping a straight face and not rolling his eyes. Who thought of those lines? (This is not the winning pitch or pick-up line me thinks.) 😀
    I liked the “my epic new…” and his voice is really nice. I think I need to try one of his audiobooks. Maybe a Heyer 😉 I need something light and fluffy.


    • I would suggest either Venetia or Sylvester 🙂 Both good choices.


      • Thanks. I’ll have a look.


      • These would be my recommendations also. If I can’t drop off to sleep I just choose one or other (even though I have listened to them umpteen times) as that soothing voice inevitably does the trick 😉


        • And out of those two – which one is your favourite? From what I read on audible I tend towards Sylvester. But happy to follow your guidance 🙂


    • I found his reading of Heyer’s Convenient Marriage posted on YouTube in 4 parts. The first time through I nearly fell off my chair giggling as he started speaking as a stammering 17 year old girl. Now that I’ve listened to it enough to know the story I often turn on one of the parts to help me relax & sleep. Such a soothing voice. I’m not sure how thrilled he might be to hear that though.


  3. To my german ears, he pronounces it simply right. There is neither a ‘dd’ in Twitter nor in all other examples (from your previous posts on this issue).

    And I was really glad listening to those interviews that he had not yet forgotten his slightly stiff, but very charming british accent, even after working together with so many Americans in the last time.


    • US English, in which the alveolar flap occurs, is also a legitimate way of speaking English.

      I have no problem with him speaking English however he likes; the point of this post and all the other ones is that I enjoy listening to him not flapping. So I suppose we agree on that.


  4. Wow! He sounds so epic!
    I have been expecting this video since Saturday ☺
    I wonder what promotional materials they will use during next 2 months. There are should be 2 more trailers at least. More videos with RA, please, Epix 😊


  5. Serv, have both Venetia and Sylvester plus Marriage of Convenience when I need some fluff with a sexy voice 🙂


  6. For some reason i find the way he says “What does it mean?” to Evangeline Lily in segment 3 of the Cinemax interviews (with Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch) one of the sexiest things I’ve ever heard him say! And he seems to drop the t in “what”. Perhaps because its in a more relaxed conversational environment.


    • I just relistened to those — he’s swallowing a lot of consonants. (also “k” in “like”). But he seems really calm and at home in that interview.

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      • That series of interviews is my favorite (although the one in the North and South DVD is sweet) because of his comfort level; his seeming ease with his friends. He also joyfully talks as if he doesn’t realize that it is a taped/filmed conversation. I swear he would’ve reached out and touched Evangeline Lilly as he laughed, but he caught himself and tapped the chair instead. He is particularly charming in those Cinemax interviews. I love any excuse to go back and watch again!
        Oh, and Venetia is my favorite choice of light audiobook as well. Still have yet to hear Lords of the North. Someday. …


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