And now ties it to “bullying”

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~ by Servetus on August 6, 2016.

28 Responses to “And now ties it to “bullying””

  1. So, you think tweet one is tied to tweet two? And I was hoping he was relaxing, watching the Olympics.

    • There’s a plausible connection, anyway, and the tweets are three minutes apart. But not necessarily. In any case most fans seem to be reading them as not connected. (shrugs) I hoped he was watching the Olympics, too.

  2. The hashtag is interesting, too. He was bullied (as a kid?), do I understand that correctly?

  3. What on earth is he talking about? I can’t figure it out. Is he referring to having been bullied in the past?
    I’ve been streaming what I want to watch. The women’s fencing final this afternoon (epee) was really exciting, I was on the edge of my seat. I have an inexplicable Olympics addiction, as I am not a sporty person at all.

    • that seems to be the implication of the hashtag.

      I think either (a) this tweet is somehow connected to the previous tweet (connection point appears to be Donald Trump); or (b) it somehow relates to his ambassador relationship with CyberSmile.

      Do you think one needs to understand fencing to enjoy it?

  4. It’s really hard to understand the rules, especially in foil, and they move so quickly you often can’t see the touch. But they are so graceful, strong, and flexible. Just watching their feet is absolutely riveting! 🙂 Unfortunately, the networks rarely show any of it, so the live streaming is a great thing.

    • it never occurred to me to look at their feet! LOL. I’ll have to try it again sometime.

    • Je suis d’accord l’escrime reste un sport très confidentiel, peu populaire, élitiste, peu de pratiquants. Ce sport est réputé à tord dangereux, assez cher à pratiquer. De plus les règles sont difficiles à appréhender pour un non initié. Que ce soit le fleuret, l’épée ou le sabre, les règles de jeu, les lieux de touche et donc les tenues diffèrent. Mais le côté technique, le grand fair- play, le spectacle et l’intelligence du jeu peuvent fasciner. Un enfant timide peut devenir à l’aise, caché derrière un masque. Je préfère le sabre à cause du bruit, des engagements physiques impressionnants et son usage dans l’escrime de spectacle. Dommage pour les résultats des français!
      Mais il fait trop beau pour s’enfermer à l’intérieur devant le petit écran. (Je trie mes photos de vacances, spécialement celles de Thorin à la mer, à la pêche, au Mont Saint Michel, à Noirmoutier… La peluche prend le soleil) Have a good day!

      • interesting point about the masque.

        • Inversement la pratique de l’escrime peut aider, un enfant turbulent, à mieux apprendre à se maitriser, se canaliser. Le respect, la responsabilité et surtout le fair-play me plaisent dans ce jeu. Il n’y a pas de fêtes alcoolisées comme dans d’autres après match, mais beaucoup de tenue.

  5. As for RA’s tweet, I just don’t get the point. As an ambassador, what is the point of making a statement about how bullies act? There doesn’t seem to be a call to action. It’s not directed to the bully or to the bullied– it’s just a statement. I would like this tweet subject better if it were giving some good advice to the bullied-I.e. How to avoid it, how to combat it, or how to get help and support.

    • it’s a bit odd as a solo tweet, I agree. It occurred to me this morning (Vanguard was hinting in that direction yesterday) that the hashtag is potentially ambiguous. The reflex is to interpret it as “I’ve been the victim of bullying” but given the content, it would also be possible to interpret “there” differently.

      It’s different if you think the tweet is connected to the previous one, however.

  6. Hmmm ??.. Maybe he was a bullie. 😉 😃

    • now THAT would be interesting. however …

      • …it’s complete crap! 😀 ( sigh..blame it on vodka&tonic,Serv)

        • well, I was thinking “unlikely” but didn’t want to sound condescending.

          Great weather for vodka tonic, though. Or tatanka. Though I learned about two weeks ago that Żubrówka can’t be imported into the US. Sigh.

          • 😱Omg! It always can be send “privately”,S😊. Just say when and where ! Seriously!

            • oh — thanks so much — I bought a substitute. (Someone invited me over who wanted a typical thing I’d have drunk in Germany.) But if I ever get in dire straights, I will turn to you first!

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