Aaah — finally heard it on television

Really. There is nothing like Richard Armitage’s voice in my living room on my tv. CanNOT wait for Berlin Station.

~ by Servetus on August 9, 2016.

9 Responses to “Aaah — finally heard it on television”

  1. It’s been on PBS here (well the PBS channel we have access to) quite a lot recently and I love when I see the blue airline seat and it’s occupant appear on the screen! Then I know what’s coming! 😉 That unmistakably lovely voice!


    • usually dad does not want to watch PBS but there was a documentary on tonight that he wanted to see. So it kind of caught me by surprise!


      • I’m so happy you finally saw/heard it. I’m the same, it whetted my appetite for Berlin Station even though I have no clue when I’ll get the chance to watch it. It will be hard to be patient!


        • Dad apparently wants to watch all the historical documentaries they are running this week about presidents, so I am hopeful this isn’t the last time I’ve heard it.


  2. When I heard it first time I thought it can be an extract from his new audiobook. Was disappointed when found out it were just few lines scripted for the ad. Love that “She was Tristant’s” said almost in a whisper. In such moments I understand why I listen to his audiobooks.


    • I have heard lots of people whisper, Julia, but when HE does it, it really affects me! Chills down the spine etc. I still don’t totally understand why! But it does add to the pleasure of listening to the audio books he has performed! 😉


    • yeah, that is a really amazing line.


  3. His voice on tv makes me a bit like a giddy schoolgirl. My kids all chuckle and look at me while I squirm. What I say, unapologetically, is that his voice moves me! The ad always surprises me. When I watch a series though, it’s not as bad…I get lost in the character or story and forget it’s him. Then I can say it’s his craft I admire. 😍


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