Richard Armitage, nonsense articles, and the web

I’m putting this here as a screenshot rather than as a link because I don’t want to drive traffic to the site in question. I’ve been asked about it four times in the last week and now I see the rumor is making its way through the fandom, so I want there to be some enlightenment available on the topic. I am aware that I will probably regret doing this, but I wanted to compile the evidence so I don’t need to repeat myself.
Screen shot 2016-08-09 at 2.13.16 PMScreen shot 2016-08-09 at 2.13.27 PM

So, I don’t know how this site works, but it definitely falls into the range of what we call clickbait — advertisers who put together headlines in order to generate click traffic and sell ads. When we click on a site that propagates provocative lies, we pay for and substantiate its existence. It offers a “login” option, so maybe someone actually created this nonsense, or maybe it aggregates information from various web traffic to put itself together. In any case the whole thing looks like a scam.

To wit:

  1. Richard Armitage did not date Daniela Denby-Ashe; while they giggled on set and toured knitting museums together and had amazing screen chemistry, there was no romance, according to his own account.
  2. Armitage probably met Annabel Capper at LAMDA, where his Spotlight CV stated he studied from 1996-8 and hers states she studied from 1995-98. The combined total of their known public appearances together and overlap is traced in this post. In 2009-10, they were spotted in public three times together: at the Carrie’s War premiere, at the Varekai gala, and at the after party for the Twenty-Four Hour Plays. There was a resurgence of interest in her after Armitage’s appearance in The Hobbit in December 2012, when crowds of new fans were trying to identify his partner, which may explain why this relationship is dated to 2013. But there was never any evidence that they were romantic partners at that time or at any time since. When this information was included in a newspaper article that coincided with The Hobbit, after I translated the article, another fan and I tried to convince the author to change it, but he was insistent. To some extent this rumor was probably cultivated by my ruminations about Capper, which ended in my speculation that she could have been the drama school relationship to which he has referred at least twice, and fanned by another blogger who misunderstood something I wrote — but it was only ever a rumor.
  3. The odds that Richard Armitage is engaged to Samantha Colley are really low. There were no rumors while they were acting together, and as far as I remember, they have not been seen together since the Digital Theatre premiere of The Crucible in December 2014. Note, for the purposes of credibility, that the site above lists her as being 37. She graduated from Oxford School of Drama after attending from 2011-14, and The Crucible role was her first professional audition.

Of course, some people will always take the lack of evidence as evidence, but really: there is no evidence about this.

~ by Servetus on August 9, 2016.

39 Responses to “Richard Armitage, nonsense articles, and the web”

  1. I wonder if I would qualify for one of those cruises….


  2. Ask and you shall receive,the official partner !!! And engaged!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


  3. Herr, wirf Hirn vom Himmel …..,

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  4. Thanks for putting all that together. Honestly, whenever I have seen links advertising or suggested RA…girlfriend, etc, I do not click on them. I have a serious respect for those who want their private lives to remain private. I am not interested in that sort of speculation and have much better (IMO) things to read if I have the free time, like trolling the posts here. heh heh That is about as private delving as I get. Have I crossed the line now and again, probably, but not with this actor. For instance, yesterday, I took a customer to task for stating an artist (that I happen to personally know) was crazy. I asked him where he heard that, he said he read it on the internet. My response was; “Well then, why would anyone post anything false or blatantly untrue, on the internet.” However, since I personally know the artist you are saying is ‘crazy’ please take my word and personal experience (I gave him the place he could verify that I am friends with artist in question) that they are not by definition ‘crazy’ unless you want to take into account what you just purchased to read as putting you in the ‘crazy’ column where others might judge you to be if taken out of context. This stuff drives me nuts sometimes. Hate liars. Sorry for the rant, but thanks for posting this as a screenshot and not a link.


    • I have mixed feelings.

      Gossip is what celebrity fandoms do; the personal identity of the crush is part of the attraction for many fans; more importantly, exactly that is often sold to us as part of the product; it is okay to discuss information that is in the public domain; gossip is often full of misinformation and distortion and it is often put there for us by the entertainment industry; every fan is going to draw the line about what may be gossiped about slightly differently. Certainly some gossip seems completely out of line, particularly if it concerns information that is not in the public domain. None of the information in this site involves character assassination, I believe.

      At the same time, I do feel a certain amount of investment in truth. There’s a pattern in this country of saying “I think x and you think the opposite and that’s just fine” and it’s fine if we’re arguing about which flavor of ice cream is better, but not if we’re discussing matters of fact / record. Yes, this is ultimately a trivial topic, but at the same time, i don’t feel we should get into the habit of lazy thinking. I think most superfans know this site is nonsense. However, some don’t — and I suppose in the end I want the authoritative evidence that we have to be somewhere handy.

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      • You state it succinctly when you say; “I don’t feel we should get into the habit of lazy thinking.” I cannot say why I like this actor. I’ve introduced him to sisters, friends and more. One man told me he liked the memes but wondered, why Robin Hood? Haha I’ve lamented this interest with others in the RA fandom, mostly because it is so unlike who I am. One sister and best friend even dissected and analyzed my interest one year. It was insightful, but they ended up fans after it was all said and done. (Yeesh) Your mixed feelings is something I relate to because, yeah, I like lots of actors, but have never followed or for goodness sake, started a meme series based on a character anyone portrayed. That is a bit overboard for someone like me, not that you know me personally. However, if you are willing to take my word for it, this has been years of unusual “liking” on my part. Especially, when those fairly close to me, know how many big and minor celebrities I’ve worked with for decades. (Side note: made VP/Editor lose his shit at CCI when referring to someone I had to work with as a ‘minor celebrity’ over breakfast.) My biggest fangirl obsessions have always been artists who illustrate and more so, those who write. Most of them already dead long before I was born. I did seek out and find, difficult as it was, HP Lovecraft’s grave/took pictures. Crazy. However, if someone talks trash about an artist I am closely associated/friends with. I tend to get defensive about the lies perpetrated and try to debunk them with facts anyone can find. I do happen to live in a smaller world where it is more likely those repeating those lies will listen to me. I am flabbergasted at how out of control lies get, when none of the original lie was remotely based on fact. Ultimately, I look at it as defending a friend who happens to be in the public eye. I don’t know if that makes me crazy or not.

        Your site usually strikes me as good harmless fun and while I don’t take it seriously, I don’t believe you mean it to be taken seriously all the time either. That is cool and I can enjoy it as candy without getting all butt-hurt that your theory does not line up with mine. (Not that anything I’ve ever read here offends me, nor do I have any theories about our fave actor, so no disagreement there either.) I do not pretend to know this person, he is not a real person in my life, nor do I think of him as such. The roles I have seen him in, have not seen them all, are enjoyable and I respect his talent. Do not need more than that. Bottom line, he is a distraction from a hard working life, a distraction from a stressful life filled with deadlines, unforeseen or unknowable challenges that have to be tackled and dealt with as they come. Somehow I don’t think I am the only one here with this sort of life either. Frankly, it is nice to be able to share the fun he represents with like minded individuals. Especially, when I know I will have a difficult task in front of me that I cannot possibly prepare for. Which is why I am so grateful to Guylty for introducing Kathy Jones. That woman, Kathy is, (this is no exaggeration) better than Wonder Woman. The friends (which I never sought to do) I have made, in this fandom are truly valuable rarities I will always feel fortunate to have known them. Not in the way that Proctor knows Abigail either. hahaha

        I appreciate you feeding my brain with fun, well written, but not lazy thinking articles I can enjoy when I break away from work. Please do not stop.


  5. the other thing was this site got aggregated in the Armitage Daily newsletter on Twitter — which a lot of new fans consult.


  6. According to RA’s twitter feed on June 16 he was at the play ‘Wild’. I guess he had a busy night — a play AND and engagement! lol


  7. It seems this rumour was brought up by a British tabloid and spread through some of the print news (English Sun-Times, People & Life) before it ended up on this website. And we all know how reliable these papers are…


  8. I always figure if you are getting engaged you are going to be thrilled about it and not keep it a secret. I think you would want it to be known. Not hide it like it is some terrible dirty secret. Just would not make sense. People just have to make up something in order to fill up space on paper or in their heads.


    • possibly different if you’re a celeb, though. (Although I always said if I ever had to get married I’d send out an announcement the week after it happened. So maybe not just celebs.)


      • lol, if you ever HAD to get married….
        I admit with all the new social sites and his politics still ringing in my ears, I wonder what he’s up to? Maybe I should wonder how much they paid him?


        • I know people who’ve married people to give them health ins, for instance — I could potentially see doing something like that for a good enough friend.

          I’m not sure they can really pay him enough to operate 3 social media platforms. He’s gotta be getting help at this point. So if they’re paying him a lot at least there could be a trickle-down.

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  9. Hello there!

    I’m really sorry to barge in like this but i would just like to say how celebrites in general try to hide their relationships but it was always unsuecssfull job,even when technology was les advanced than today..I understand that Mr.Armitage isn’t famous like Brad Pitt,Leo Dicaprio etc. but still i think it’s somewhat weird that no one seen him or took the “accidental” photo of him nowhere,no matter,he can be less famous but he actually is famous,no matter more or less.I don’t know about u ,but i find it kinda strange.

    Especially considering today’s flow of information,internet.t happens to me when I’m in the city and some tourists or people taking photo on their phone and “accidentally” i end up in their photo and somehow they found me on the facebook and send me that photo,tho didn’t knew my name.I’m telling this,just to say it is impossible to pass unnoticed in any point.And we have example,photo of him and Anabell taken when seen publicly,not only on the job,and back then,technology was less advanced,so if couldn’t get unnoticed back then&as Servetus pointed nicely,they’ve been seen maybe three times,so it wasn’t often but they were caught together afterall,so it is kinda strange that no one actually sees him.I really don’t belive that people don’t recognize him or they are all quiet about it.

    On the other hand,if he really got engaged or secretly married already,it wouldn’t stay a secret,at least not too long,because neighbours,random people would notice because when you get engaged,people mostly live together or maybe in Mr.Armitage case,he tranasported his beloved to the desert island where no one can’t possibly find her…this 2nd thing is probably rubbish but ,then again,who knows. πŸ™‚
    Anything is possible,man earned his money,he can do what he wants to.

    I don’t say Mr.Armitage would be one of those who goes out in the public and spills out the news but i don’t think he wouldn’t hide it that bad,like he is doing a crime,especially if this is the woman he is about to marry,as IrishWitch said it,he’d be happy about it and if this is “the woman”,he wouldn’t have to be so secret about it,because for him “that is it”,all secretness stop,cause i see him like one wfe person,if he decides to get married,it should be for good,forever.He is not one woman person,i’m sure he had a lot of women so far ,but he’s one wife guy,not like all those celebrities married and divorce all the time,i kinda see him with one wife,but maybe i’m wrong.

    So,that’s why i think he wouldn’t be so secretive about it.As i said,wouldn’t go out to confirm it,but wouldn’t hide like a crime,he would let that to be discovered.Well,since so far that hasn’t happened,there are only following possibilites:(by my humble opinion offcourse) :
    1. He has more than 1 lover,so it is hard to say wich one is a friend or girlfriend,difficult to distinct.(In his world is possible)
    2.He really became double agent in his real life and runs a double life.
    3.There is actually no woman,no relationship,only a lover.(We can bound this with number 1,so we could have only 2 possibilities)

    You don’t have to agree,offcourse with me on this one,but i think i could be on right track here…but then again,who can be 100% sure about anything?

    Sorry to barge in and thank you.


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome. I think the fact that there are so few “random” pictures of him has to do with his failure to hang out in places photographers know celebrities gather. For isntance, there are certain restaurants in NYC and LA where one is likely to see them. He doesn’t seem to frequent those places.

      Marriage licenses are a matter of public record in the US. I think if he got one, someone would notice it. I do think if he wanted us to know, he would tell us.


      • thank you for the warm welcome,very nice to be there. πŸ™‚ Hmmm so there are certain restaurants where celebs gather? I didn’t know that fact. You are probably right,that is why no one managed to capture him yet. But what if he is engaged or married (also just a guess) with a woman that lives in England?Would we find out it then? Offcourse,what would be the odds if man lives in New York? He does live in New York,right? I’m not that much of a fan or follower but this man got my intention through Cybersmile,I am a member there and saw his blogs and they seemed so great to me and i really didn’t know who Richard Armitage actually is untill i found him on twitter.I never saw him nowhere before.I saw Thorin Oakenshield and that sounded familiar since my ex boyfriend litterally “forced” me to watch Hobbit movies with him ,i fell asleep after the first movie tho i didn’t catch much of the first Hobbit movie,thought about other things while watching the movie,but forced myself to watch it all the way through the end just to please my ex,if i knew better,i wouldn’t. πŸ˜€ So,the name Thorin Oakenshield was mentioned many times in the movie and i saw the “infamous” dwarf but would never connected the dots with Richard Armitage,man who’s blogs in the cybersmile left me very impressed and he seemed very charming.I even wanted to write to him about this blog and him being ambassador of the same,back than i didn’t know who the man is,but when i realized who he is,i gave up quickly. πŸ˜€ So,this is actually my story of how i found out about Richard Armitage.When i mentioned to a few fans,they ask me in wich movie you first saw him and i say none,i saw the man’s blog on Cybersmile. Cybersmile seemed great at the begining but now i find it lame,i don’t know why. :/ Maybe i have some problems with myself,who knows. Well,since you warmly welcomed me here,it is only fair to share my story about our “friend” RA here. πŸ™‚
        Hope to be able to talk to you soon.


        • If he’d been married in the UK, we’d also know as those records are searchable.

          Interesting that CyberSmile brought you to him — I don’t think I’ve heard that notion of story before.

          I am not a huge fan of CyberSmile.


          • yes,i saw his blogs there and that he’s their ambassador and then continued with searching to find out more about him.I understand that you’re not big fan of Cybersmile because my first excitment being member there has also changed.I don’t think they are doing their job in the best way possible.


  10. I don’t really think that mr.Armitage would be so protective or secretive about his alleged engagements,in this particular case,to Sam Colley or any other.

    I don’t think he would go out and spill to confirm these news to everybody (tho we never know,we see things change every day,so everything’s possible) because we know he isn’t this type of person,but i don’t think he would also hide it as he was doing some kind of crime,because he is a free man and nothing would be wrong about that and as IrishWitch said,he’d be happy he’s found a beloved for life.

    The “wellwishers” would be dissapointed,true,but as he always tends to share whenever he’s happy about something to his fandom,i guess he’d share this,too.

    I see Mr.Armitage as one wife person,not one woman person,because he probably had many and still does but if he ever decides to marry i think that would be it for him and there wouldn’t be any reason for him to hide it,no matter of his celeb status.

    As i said,he wouldn’t go out and say it outloud,i supose,but somehow,somewhere,someone would discover it,took a photo and spread the word or news to all portals and i don’t think he’d be trying “that hard” to keep it a secret,not for long,at least,but neither he could,especially today,when those things is impossible to hide,only if he’s a ninja or he really became one of those “secret agents” so he leads a double life and he has taken his beloved on the deserted island so no one can’t find her,but that would be a kidnapping. πŸ™‚

    They discover every celeb,more or less famous but they can’t find nothing about Mr.Armitage,come on,I just don’t belive it.
    I would like to go back to Annabell Capper.
    Servetus said already they’ve been seen,how many,two or three times tops together outside “working place” ?
    We all know technology was less advanced than today and he was less popular than he is today,but still they’ve caught them.
    Similar thing happened with Danielle Ashby tho they just went a few museums together after filming and they’ve caught them.
    Okay,they weren’t necesserly romanticly involved,but then again,they were seen together.

    Today,even less famous than Mr.Armitage can’t go unnoticed and that would especially be the case if he got engaged.
    For instances,i was walking in the city and some tourists were taking photos and ask me to photograph them and they wanted a photo with me also but i’ve never told them my name,only my first name and they found me on facebook and sent me that photo.
    So,i sincerely doubt there is engagement involved,cause someone,somewhere would said a word,a rumour or similar.

    In my humble opinion there are following possibilites:

    1.He really hides his aleged girlfriend,fiancee,wife on deserted island πŸ˜€ or ,(me not trying to be funny),just from the eyes of public.

    I don’t know that just doesn’t sound right…That woman then shouldn’t get out much. πŸ˜€ And mr.Armitage trully doesn’t seem like a type to have a wife from 50’s magazine,a housekeeper or maybe he would,I don’t know. πŸ˜€
    This,however would be rude towards this person and that would mean that mr.Armitage isn’t really that of a good guy,this would have negative reflect not only on him personally,but on his career also,but then again,what do i know.

    2.There are more women involved

    As I mentioned,he seems like one wife person,but not one woman person,so this could really be possible.Especially if you are him. πŸ™‚
    He is 45,still not married,obviously he’s not in a hurry to do so,so maybe he is still exploring in the world of women.
    I would like single out this possibilitty as the most possible cause this could might explain why no one knows who is a woman in his life.If he spends time with more than one woman,no one can dostinct is she a friend or if they are romanticly involved.I know many man his age,less famous and less atractive,esepcially those who travel much like him,that are unmarried and have at least one woman in every continent. πŸ˜€

    3.He has a lover/girlfriend

    Okay,this can actually be No1 possibility but it isn’t.
    There could be mr.Armitage has a lover that he spends time with but in a distance…someone who is in showbussines like him,doesn’t have to be an actress,or famous,but this person also travels a lot and they can meet the half way.Maybe it is an opened.relationship type,so they can always meet other people,but in the end if nothing else works out,they end up together again.I don’t say this relationship would have to be strictly physical (read sexual) :O but they are both comfortable with each other,they talk and stuff,there is a possibility they could get deeper in the relationship,but for now they like all the mistery that opened relationship brings to both of them or they are just not into getting more intimate then already are and they don’t see each other that often,cause they’re both busy people and mr.Armitage has lots of female friends so in this case would be hard to conect him with that lover person.

    All of this could be wrong because who may be 100% right today,anyway,but i somehow belive that I’m on right track on mr.Armitage in this case,at least.


    • I wouldn’t assume that fans would be disappointed. Some would be, but many would be happy for him.

      I don’t know that anyone noticed Armitage and Denby-Ashe together at museums; that was something that one of them reported — I think it was him. They went together beforehand to prepare for the film, and no one knew who he was at that time.


      • Ok maybe i saw wrong about him and Danielle in the museums,it’s possible,i see wrong things all the time. πŸ˜€ I’ve noticed that some people in RA’s fandom dislike you,or maybe i’m wrong again? If i am,i’ll go on my brain check,for real or maybe additional english lessons. πŸ˜€ I just want to say,if that’s true,i really can’t understand why,you are trully intelligent,nice and respectable woman.All your blogs and interesting things you write here,are beautiful and please,do continue,don’t mind about what others blab about you.
        I find you interesting and many others,who write here and belive me,if there’s a place i’ve learned more about RA it’s in your blogs and thank you so very much for that and once again for welcoming me. You are very nice person.There’s a phrase my grandpa tells me always when i feel down about others when bringing me down:”When horse is of great quallity,when he gallops,he leaves many dust”. That means you are great person and unique and many people can’t deal with that,so they talk bad,they dust around you,and you move away and leaving them choke in their own dust. πŸ˜€ I know it sounds a bit strange,in my language it sounds a lot different actually. πŸ˜€ And don’t get me wrong,i’m not comparing you with a horse,but phrase is used in ocassions like this when people don’t understand and because of lack of knowledge,they react in negativity,becuase it’s the only way for them,one way street. πŸ˜€
        Sorry to bother you this much. Talk to you soon. Bye.


        • Thanks for the kind words. Plenty of people dislike me. I don’t love every other fan, either, so we’re even. I say plenty of objectionable things and I don’t hesitate to say if there’s something I don’t like, including if it’s something Armitage does or says. That’s a problem for some people. It’s fine. We really don’t all have to agree about everything. You may eventually find material here that you disagree with vehemently.


          • I see,you are objectional,you don’t always agree what RA says or does,but i find that great about you and your blogs.I am sure there can always be different opinions,but that is perfectly good.What kind of the world would this be if we all agreed about everything.What point of discussion would be than?If I even find something i totally don’t agree with you,i will tell you,Servetus,i don’t agree with you cause i think this or that…exchange of opinions is healthy.I am surely not gonna dislike you for it…i will take your opinion and think about it and if i still don’t agree,i’ll tell you my opinion but i wont force it untill you start agree with me,nonsense…Or If I couldn’t discuss a matter with you,i wouldn’t tell you nothing at all,untill other subject comes along.This is mutual resepct.If you would agree everything that RA does or says,that wouldn’t be respect,it would be sucking up to him and that’s one thing i trully detest in human’s behaviour. πŸ™‚


  11. Sorry i just saw that i sent my comment twice in a row,because i didn’t see it first time.The second is slightly “corrected” . My sincere apologies to Administrator of the page. You can delete if you wish. Sorry. :/


  12. […] I don’t know if she’s reached the status of a collateral attraction for me, quite, but there’s an interesting interview with her here. On her post-Crucible relationship with Richard Armitage, see this previous post. […]


  13. […] proof that the web thinks by itself. Armitage was never engaged to Samantha Colley, but the Internet generated a report of their breakup recently in which she “spilt up” […]


  14. […] So, yeah, the fake news created by machine convinced the entertainment / fashion press. Somehow I think we’d know this by now if it were true. Here’s the non-existent evidence, again. […]


  15. Where did the rumours about Samantha Colley and Richard Armitage engagement even come from?

    Love the page by the way everything you write is always complete sense


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome.

      I think it must have been created by a bot. The article cites a tabloid but I searched the tabloid and they don’t appear to have run that article. I think it’s a clickbait website, and it crawls the Internet to collect and aggregate information based on frequency. (This is how they could come up with the Armitage / Denby-Ashe connection, because they were never ever reported to be involved; in fact, all the news reported the opposite. But their names were mentioned together so often by fans who wished it were true that if you were just crawling for frequency information, you could make a case based on that.) Once it has the information, it plugs the information into a set template. In this particular case, there are so many fans who would like to see Armitage involved with a woman of reproductive age that it then again gets picked up by fans who don’t take a critical stance toward the information, and mentioned again and again, thus reinforcing the effect.

      I wouldn’t leave out the possibility that some of the bot action has string-pullers, i.e., there are clearly people who could be interested in the perpetuation of wrong information, but I don’t know what the evidence for that would be, whereas the bot activity seems clear.


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